Are Doormats Machine Washable? Detailed Guides and Pro Tips

Are Doormats Machine Washable? Detailed Guides and Pro Tips

One of the most asked questions about cleaning doormats is

“are doormats machine washable?”

Doormats are our 1st weapon in the line of defense at home. Even if you do not need multiple mats inside the house, there is always one in the entrance and one in the kitchen.

Going out every day for work, classes, or shopping means coming back home with uncountable bacteria and germs under your shoe. Doormats are the 1st and primary weapon against these unwanted guests here.

In the rainy season, muds and wet footprints become additional unwanted guests. A lack of doormat means mud-caked or wet footprints over your dry and clean house floor.

Why Keeping the Door Mats Clean Necessary?

These mats absorb moisture that often leaves stains on them. Excessive use of these mats and the piled-up dry dirt can also cause color damage.

It is necessary to keep the mats clean to maintain healthy floors and overall surroundings inside your home. You do not want to change the mats every other month now, do you?

After defending us from various external germs, bacteria, and dirt, doormats become exhausted. They show their exhaustion by appearing dull, dirty, and their exhaustion doesn’t affect them only. It is more of damage to the people living inside the house rather than the mat itself.

In addition, their entrance is the same as yours, the main door. The doormats in the main door fight with 80% of all the harmful germs that make your shoes or boots their vehicle.

There is an uncountable amount of airborne viruses that with a little push of air, can reach the farthest corner of your home. These airborne viruses make their primary hub in these very mats, especially during the dry season. Getting air under their wings and entering your house when you open the door, they fly high till contaminating your home with their presence.

All airborne viruses do not cause serious health issues, but you never know. Especially looking at the increasing amount of pollution taking place near us. Vacuuming regularly and deep cleaning them at least once a month can reduce the risks of the polluted floor while giving your mats longer durability.

Most Used Types of Doormats

Either in the front door or inside the home, there are a variety of door mats available to be used. However, not all are that effective in doing their job. The preferences are mainly based on the materials used and their effectiveness in the long run.

For example, doormats made with cotton fabric are only usable on the dry indoor floor and do not have the absorbing power like some other types. You can use them in your bedroom or office, but using them in the front porch or bath is a big NO.

There are mainly 2 types of mats that are used widely by home runners.

Coir Matting Door Mats: Made from coconut shell husks, these are top in serving as exterior mats. Effective to rub out dry dust and dirt from under your shoe, they are also a great option for places that have heavy or frequent rain or snowfall. These mats are eco-friendly, durable, and cheaper than many other types as well.

Rubber Backed Brush Mats: These are made on a flat rubber base mat with brush bristles on top. Due to their contemporary design, these are mostly used inside the house. They are lighter in weight and rub off dirt and dust, but not ideal for soaking water effectively.    

Tips and Tricks to Keep the Door Mats Clean

Keeping the task of cleaning the mats for later often results in not actually cleaning them at all for months. To avoid this tendency, you can invest a tiny amount of your household management time in keeping them clean.

Some effective options are:

  • Shake off dirt daily
  • Always keep the mats dry
  • Wash them outdoor if possible
  • Dry them under natural light

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Washing Door Mats in Machine

Can we wash doormats in the washing machine?

Washing doormats in a machine is not always an option. All the types of doormats are not machine washable. You have to make sure that the manufacturer approves its washability in the machine.

Doormats that are made from cotton, nylon bristles with rubber back, carpeted mats, etc. are some examples that you can toss into the machine.

Coir matted doormats are not machine washable as the coir fibers may come off due to the water cycle pressure of the machine.

However, washing rubber-backed ones often can cause damage like tearing apart the mat.

How to Wash Door Mats in Washing Machine?

The steps are simple. Like washing clothes, you can wash your doormats in a machine without having to do anything extra.

Wash mats in a gentle cold-water cycle with a little amount of washing powder. An excessive amount of washing powder can leave a soapy residue on the mats. Avoid putting clothes or other stuff in the machine with doormats. Put or hang them directly under the sun and let them dry after washing.

Other Methods for Cleaning Door Mats

Some other methods can be used for cleaning doormats and it varies depending on the type.

Hand washing: Hand washing the mats may require extra effort but is the most effective method. You will need soft detergent or baking soda, a brush, and water. Sprinkle the mat with water, then take some baking soda or soft detergent and scrape off the dirt using the brush. This way you will be able to deep clean the mats, and the use of soda/detergent will kill any bad odor from them.

Pressure washing: Pressure washing the mats is also an option but it is only applicable for rubber mats and flat, non-fluffy rugs. Because rubber mats have more firm polyester bristles and non-fluffy rugs’ fibers are not too deep-rooted, it is easier to clean them by pressure washing.

Things to Do Before and After Washing Door Mats

Dust off the mat or vacuum clean before putting them in the washer. It will help the deep cleaning process. After washing the mats, put them under sunlight until completely dry. Do not place even a slightly wet mat on the floor as it can leave stains.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. After how many days should I change the doormat?

Most types of doormats should be changed every 2-2.5 years. Some mats provide longer durability of up to 3 years.

2. Is it OK to wash floor mats in the washing machine?

Washing cotton, polyester, or soft rugs in the washing machine is okay. Wash them in a gentle cold water cycle with a little amount of mild detergent.

3. Why coir mats are better?

Coir mats are eco-friendly and reusable. They efficiently absorb dirt and water while drying up quickly after every wash.

4. What mats are suitable to use in the bathroom?

Soft rugs or cotton mats are best for use in the bath. These mats are proficient in soaking extra water drops quickly, keeping the bathroom floor dry and clean.

5. Why baking soda is important for cleaning doormats?

Baking soda is an effective germ killer when it comes to cleaning. It will kill 99% of germs and bacteria residing in the mat, and also leave the mat odorless.

Final Words

Purchase mats according to their task and where you are going to place them.

Keep in mind that different types of mats serve different purposes in different locations. Clean them gently to increase their longevity and maintain a healthy home environment inside out.

We hope this article of ours helped you find the answers to your questions regarding cleaning doormats.

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