Are Floor Lamps Safe for Nursery?

A nursery in a home is designed to be the safest place for a baby.

Its interior is planned in a way that will comfort and keep your baby safe all the time.

Proper lighting is also an essential part of the planning. Overdoing lighting can cause harm to the baby’s eyes while underdoing it can cause less visibility.

Floor lamps are a debatable element while decorating a nursery. Are floor lamps safe for a nursery? Should you put a floor lamp in the nursery or not?

Well, many moms think that floor lamps in the nursery are basically accidents waiting to occur. At the same time, some moms prefer floor lamps over other lighting alternatives.

In this article, we are going to discuss the overall benefits and drawbacks of placing a floor lamp in a baby nursery.

Benefits of Floor Lamps in A Nursery

Let’s talk about some of the benefits of a floor lamp in a nursery.

Light’s Direction

Floor lamps direct lights in one direction while also lighting up the entire room. This way, the light will not hit your baby’s eyes directly.

Floor lamps also create a warm ambiance inside the nursery that helps babies feel cozy and warm and help them have a good night’s sleep.


Floor lamps are one of the most affordable lighting accessories. Whether you go for a classic stand lamp or a fancy one, you will not spend more bucks than you would for ceiling lights.


The best thing about a floor lamp is that it is portable. You can move the lamp anywhere in the room according to your baby’s safety.


Installing a floor lamp is easier than installing a ceiling bulb. All you have to do is place it— put the bulb in and get it working.

Beautiful Décor

A floor lamp will add beauty to your baby’s nursery décor. There are many designs of floor lamps available, and you can get one according to your taste.

Drawbacks Of Floor Lamps In A Nursery

Can Knock Over

Your curious toddler will definitely have the urge to play around a floor lamp. As these lamps are not fixed to the ground, the lamp can be knocked over by your baby.

Having Power Cords

Though some floor lamps do not include a power cord, it is safe to say that most come with one. If the lamp is not installed in a safe place, then the power cord leaves a chance of you or your baby tripping over.

Small Base

Floor lamps with a small ground base are more likely to knock over than those with a wide and large base.

Dirt Can Pile Up Easily

Wherever you place a floor lamp, it is unavoidable to keep it safe from dust and dirt. Moreover, accidentally spilling water or liquid can result in an unwanted disaster.

Things to Consider before Buying a Floor Lamp

Height and Weight

Floor lamps should be high and heavy. A height of at least 57 inches and enough heavy so that a toddler cannot knock it over is recommended.

A high floor lamp will illuminate the room evenly, while its heaviness will prevent it from knocking over.

Power Cord Length

Floor lamps with long power cords are ideal for a nursery. You can hide the cord underfloor the mat and place the lamp far away from the power outlet.

Quality and Lifespan

Floor lamps with a quality wooden or metallic frame are durable and give your baby’s nursery a classy look. You can also shift it to another room, matching that room’s interior.

Also, the lamp should have at least a lifespan of 20,000 hours. The more, the better.

Built Material

A sturdy-built floor lamp with a sleek finishing will always enhance your baby’s nursery. The material used to build the lamp will indicate its durability over time.

Preventive Measures for Installing a Floor Lamp

To secure a lamp on the floor, you can consider taking a few steps.

Placing it Behind a Furniture

Placing the lamp behind furniture like a bed or sofa will keep it safe from your child’s touch. Whether your baby has newly learned to crawl or run, it will always result in your favor of keeping your child away from the lamp.

Securing Power Cords

Securing the lamp’s power cord is one of the most important things you need to do after installing a floor lamp in a nursery. Make sure you get a lamp with a long power cord. Put the cord under the carpet and place the lamp far away from the power outlet.

Sticking it on the Floor

Try sticking the lamp with glue or transparent tape on the floor. This will eliminate the risk of the lamp knocking over and harming your child.

Tying it on the Wall

Another safety measure you can take is to tie the lamp on a hook mounted on the wall. Using a thin yet strong rope, you can secure the lamp from falling under any circumstances.

Best Floor Lamps for Nursery (only the safe ones)

Here are some of our recommendations for the best floor lamps for nursery that you can buy for your toddler’s nursery.

Adesso 4067-22 Boulevard Floor Lamp

It is a perfect floor lamp for any room, be it a nursery or your own bedroom. It matches any theme decoration. The lamp is easy to turn on and off with its 2 easy-to-pull chains on the top. The 11 inches round steel base is heavy enough to keep it steady in one place.

This lamp has a sleek steel finish stand with a white lampshade. Its 61 inches of height is ideal for any nursery as it will allow the light to illuminate a room evenly.

Globe Electric 67065 Barden 58” Floor Lamp

This floor lamp will give your kid’s nursery a minimalist look while also allowing you to place it in any other room. It has a rotary on/off switch on top near the shade that will keep your kid away from playing with it.

This 58 inches light has a black sleek finished stand with white shade. It is designed to distribute the light to the entire room even while directing lights in one direction. Its 5-foot-long power cord is easy to hide, and you can place it in any corner of the room, away from the wall power outlet.

Other Nursery Lighting Ideas

There are some other alternatives for lighting your toddler’s room that you can take into consideration.

Table Lamps

Table lamps are a great alternative to floor lamps when it comes to decorating a nursery. You can place them high above the ground, away from your child’s reach. Small in size, there are also various designs available of table lamps. Many table lamps run on battery, while others have power cords.

Fairy or Christmas Lights

These lights are surely one of the main things that will attract your kid to a nursery. You can hang them on a wall with the help of wall-mounted hooks or tape them on the ceiling with transparent tape. These are great considering both decoration and affordability perspectives.


Dimmers are necessary for a baby nursery as they help a baby fall asleep quickly. This light creates an atmosphere that helps a baby to doze off quickly while giving you enough visibility of the entire room.

Natural Light

No matter how many lighting ideas you put on decorating your kid’s nursery, there is no match to the natural light. Big wide windows with adequate protective measures are best to allow sunlight in the nursery. This will help illuminate the room and provide vitamin D for your kid.

Ceiling Lights

The classic ceiling lights are the choice of many parents when decorating their children’s nursery. Ceiling lights are available as a single or ceiling light + fan combo. These lights might be somewhat expensive, but they sure shot run for a long lifespan.

Theme Lighting

If you want to decorate your baby’s room with a superhero, fairy, or a space theme, there are different types of floor lamps available too that will fit your choice of theme. These lights come in different patterns of lighting and shades. However, they may be more expensive than the regular floor lamps or ceiling lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are LED lights bad for infants?

LED lights are not harmful to kids. These lights illuminate place precisely for your baby to have clear visibility while not regulating heat like other bulb types.

2. Are overhead lights bad for babies?

Overhead lights or ceiling lights are harmful to the babies because the light rays from these lights are excess for baby eyes. These rays can harm a baby’s eyes’ retina and hamper their visibility.

3. What type of outlets are safe for a nursery?

Outlets with self-closing covers are ideal for a nursery. These outlets will keep your baby away from trying to put their fingers inside the outlet.

4. What type of floor lamp bulb is best for babies?

Soft-white bulbs are best for a baby nursery. These bulbs will not brighten the room too much and irritate your baby’s eyes.

5. How tall a floor lamp should be?

A floor lamp should be from 57-65 inches tall. This height will keep the lampshade and bulb safe while also providing even light distribution.

Wrapping up

These were our thoughts on putting a floor lamp in a nursery. We hope this guide helped you find the answers you were looking for.

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