Best Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor that Protects Your Floor Like a Superhero

We know hardwood floors are all about furnishing and proper maintenance.

You work hard to decorate your room/office room according to your likings, but it is also true that anything can damage the hardwood floor if proper measures are not taken to prevent such damage.

Among many other things that can leave a scratch on the floor, chairs, especially rolling chairs are more likely to scratch your room’s floor with all their potential.

So here we are, with a number of chair mat recommendations to help you pick the best chair mat for hardwood floor of your house or office.

10 Best Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors in 2022

If you are in hurry and do not want to take the hassle of reading all the reviews, I would suggest the finest one from the list. It is the Thickest Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor from MuArts.

1. Ilyapa Heavy Duty Clear PVC Office Chair Mat for Hardwood and Tile Floors

Who doesn’t want a floor mat that protects the floor from any harm? And if the mat is big enough for multi-purpose use? Even better. The Ilyapa Hardwood chair mat measuring 30 X 48 inches with lip, and 1.5 mm of thickness is capable of performing the task.

This PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic mat’s design and durability contribute greatly to installing, using, and cleaning it, while it does its job of protecting the floor at most. It can be considered as the best chair mat for hardwood floor because of its spaciousness will give you enough space to roll your chair with full control when working on your desk, while its transparency will not block the floor’s appearance on your eyes.

Protected floor: It works as a cushion for not only hardwood floors, but any other floor, even carpeted, saving them from marks and scratches. However, avoid rolling the mat frequently to stop bends and curls from forming.

Glide and slide: Place it under the chair to ensure gliding and sliding without any bumps. It will, indeed, stay at one place after leveling it on the floor with the help of some weights, and its textured surface will assure fully controlled movement.

Washability and longevity: Easily washable floor mat that resists to bear any stain on it. Moreover, it’s durability and longevity will go a long way without giving you any headache.

Spacious and transpicuous: It is a huge mat for both a single chair and desk, which will prevent any damage on the floor, and will keep the fully furnished floor visible to the eyes, thanks to its transparency.

2. OfficeMarshal Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor | Opaque Office Floor Mat | BPA, Phthalate and Odor Free

Imagine an affordable product that is designed to do all the tasks you would want it to perform. The office marshal chair mat for hardwood floor can prove to be the best chair mat for hardwood floor you pick. It is an opaque rectangle mat measuring 30 X 48 inches which is built with polypropylene for a long-lasting lifespan.

Sturdy built, heavy enough to fit at one place without slipping, easy to clean, textured on both sides etc. are some of its major advantages. This odorless mat will make sure that you can walk freely inside the office without it coming in your way. It’s rounded edges gives it a subtle look, while ensuring easy chair movement.

Quality built: This polypropylene chair mat is built solid to prevent any kind of cracks that may end up in breaking the mat apart. It is heavy yet flexible to lay flat even if it is often rolled up. After laying it on the floor, put some books on it and leave it for some hours for it to flatten completely.

Controlled yet easy movement: The office marshal chair mat comes with slip resistant texture ergonomic design that will give you full control over your chair’s movement while having a firm grip on the floor itself.

Washability and environment friendliness: You can effortlessly wash or wipe it with a piece of fabric in case of any spill or stain and it will look as good as new. It is also able to maintain a healthy workspace as it doesn’t bear any toxic chemical residue or smell.

Size and color: This opaque chair mat is 30 inches long and 48 inches wide, which is adequate to fit in a chair and give you enough foot space to work with ease on your desk for a long time.

3. Amazon Basics Vinyl Chair Mat Protector for Hard Floors

AmazonBasics Vinyl chair mat protector for hard floors is another one of our recommendations. It is considered as one of the biggest floor mats available in the market, with a dimension of 47 X 59 inches. Holding the office chair in, it will provide additional space to move around your chair freely.

Although you can place it on hard floors like concrete, hardwood, stone, laminate, tile etc. and watch it saving the floor from getting damaged, it is also applicable for carpets. This polycarbonate mat comes with higher durability and longevity, and will make sure you get the stability you want while going through your office tasks.

Spacious and transpicuous: The AmazonBasics Vinyl chair mat protector for hard floors is undoubtedly a spacious one considering any professional workspace. Moreover, it won’t block your workspace floor from eyes because of its transparency.

Variety and longevity: This mat is available for both hardwood and carpeted floor with different designs to fit your requirements, while assuring the longevity for a longer time.

Installation and cleaning: You can effortlessly get it ready for doing its job just by following the installation guide that comes with the package. Also, no need to hassle in case of any spilling or staining on the mat as you can easily wipe it clean.

Slip and skid resistant: Easy to move around on but prevents slipping or skidding, giving you both space and control over your movement.

4. MuArts Thickest Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor | Crystal Clear Chair Mat for Hard Floor

The next one on our list is a multipurpose one. It is the thickest chair mat for hardwood floors by MuArts which you can buy for both office chairs as well as other homely needs. It is 1/8-inch-thick yet soft rectangular mat that has a dimension of 35 X 47 inches and weighs around 9lbs.

Including a 12-months guarantee, this PVC rectangular mat is slip, curl and crack resistant. You can effortlessly clean it with any damp fabric or paper. Even though it is one of the thickest chair mats out in business, you can see-through the floor as it is clear as crystal.

Build and Durability: Constructed with PVC, it is durable enough to bear the weight of chair legs or wheels for a longer period of time. Not only that, it is also flame resistant which indicates its durability rate.

Shape and Appearance: It is a rectangular floor mat with see-through advantage like many other similar ones but, none of them are as glossy and shiny as this.

Multi-purpose use: It has so much to offer rather than only placing it in an office environment. In home, you can easily place it on your carpeted floor or kitchen, and see it saving the floor with its full potential.

Grip and slip: This chair mat will indeed have full grip on the ground and resist slipping without any reason. So, you don’t have bear the pain of adjusting it often and continue working comfortably.

5. AiBOB Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor | Floor Mats for Computer Desk

This chair mat from AiBOB is greatly capable of protecting your home/office floor as well as allowing you to enjoy controlled movement. It is a polyethylene made mat which is not as thick as the other ones, but is definitely crack or bend resistant.

Just roll this 45 X 53 inches mat on the floor following the instructions, give it some time to flatten completely, and voila! Appropriate for use in both home and office, you don’t need to worry about the mat moving around without your consent, and just concentrate on working while sitting on the chair.

Spaciousness with transparency: Because of its transparency, light can easily pass through the mat on the floor beneath without affecting the flawless floor view. Moreover, this spacious mat is 53 inches’ wide and 45 inches’ long, including a lip that has its different dimension of 24×12 inches.

Durable and flexible: As long as you protect it from any direct contact with the sun, it is durable enough to protect your home/office floor for a great period of time. It’s sturdy and flexible construction will provide ease of movement without leaving a mark or bump on it.

Slide and glide: Slide the mat under your chair wheels and glide smoothly across its textured surface with full grip on your hand, it is indeed slip and skid resistant.

Ease of use: Installation completed within some hours, wiping out stains or beverage spills with a piece of fabric/paper, not needing to worry about any odor in the home atmosphere, smooth mat edges as security measures are some other aspects of this mat that make it easier to use.

6. Lemostaar Office Chair Mat for Hard Floor

For all the black color lovers, here’s one for you. It is the Office Chair Mat for hardwood floor from Lemostaar. Since its arrival in the market, it has been welcomed and positively reviewed by numerous users. Want it for multipurpose use? It has got that ability too.

This 47 X 35 inch’s rectangular mat is made with no compromise in quality, and is free of any odor or toxicity. Large enough to use in both home or office, it will guard the floor precisely while staying at one place all the time, thanks to its skid-resistance ability.

Build and Durability: It is a polythene mat which also includes EVA to prevent the mat from curling up. Meaning, the mat is durable to bear the weight of chairs and other home items without having any curled edges or bend on them.

Healthy and flexible: The non-toxicity and odorless quality of this chair mat helps keeping the surrounding environment friendly for children and pets. Also, it is very flexible to move or adjust, and stops the chair on it from slipping or gliding across uncontrollably.

Multi-purpose use: It is a user-friendly mat with multipurpose needs with a classy look. Flattens comparatively quickly upon unrolling. Just put some weight on its corners for a few hours and you are good to go.

Efficiency and longevity: The surface texture is designed to provide you full authority over chair movement when you get the files ready comfortably on your office desk. Numerous work addicts have also rated it as the longest running chair mat they have ever come across.

7. Marvelux Vinyl (PVC) Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors | Transparent Hard Floor Protector

Now, if you are looking for a transparent chair mat for light use, and wish to save your hardwood floor from patches and scratches at the same time, then this can be your perfect pick. Marvelux Vinyl (PVC) Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors is 30″ x 48″ in dimension which is marvelously adequate to fit any office chair in.

Its ergonomic design lets you enjoy working without any fatigue or strain. Smooth side of this vinyl mat goes downwards on the floor to keep it steady while the textured side gives you full freedom of moving your chair but with enough grip.

Perfectly built for light use: It is built keeping in mind the users who are not really work addicts, yet want to save their home/office floor from getting patched or scrapped. Moreover, you can also use it for multipurpose needs.

User friendly and non-toxic: Free from any chemical odor or toxicity. Designed ergonomically to assure your legs do not feel tired of moving the chair independently, while maintaining correct posture.

Easy to maintain: Spilled coffee, curry, tea or whatever. Just wipe this transparent mat with a damp paper cloth and it is as clean as new. Also, roll your chair as you like because its flat and textured surface gives you full access on moving the chair without tipping over.

Shipping and installation: Now, if you go for the size 30″ x 48″, you get it shipped flat. Unbox the package and place it on the hard floor, keeping the smooth side of the mat downwards. However, it is not applicable for carpeted floors.

8. Floortex Polycarbonate Chair Mat for Hard Floors

The Floortex polycarbonate chair mat measuring 47 X 30 is applicable for both hardwood and carpeted floor of your office or home office. This rectangular transparent mat protects the floor from getting harmed, providing a comfy and smooth surface to roll your chair on without letting the chair wheels sink in it.

Made from quality material, it will prevent leg fatigue while giving you adequate space to move your chair freely. It will stay at one place no matter how much foot traffic goes on in the surface. Being environment friendly, you can also recycle it accordingly.

Build quality and material: This mat is made from polycarbonate with increased durability and longevity. The manufacturers have made sure that you do not worry about any curls or cracks forming on the mat.

Variety of sizes: Keeping your requirements in mind, the makers have a variety of sizes available of this chair mat. You can pick the perfect one for your office or home office according to your desk size and workspace.

Environment friendly: It eliminates any risk of PVC and toxic chemicals, and is certified by GREENGUARD for being safe for both children and pets.

Easy cleaning and recycling: Cleaning requires only wiping out the dirt or stain with a wet piece of cloth or paper. It is also recyclable, which is definitely time-saving and effortless than the product returning process.

9. SALLOUS Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors

SALLOUS chair mat for hard floor comes with a dark gray rugged finishing on the surface and vacuum tech on the other side that guarantees its staying at one place without skidding. The rug like surface absorbs sound at a great extent while making movement easier and reducing leg fatigue for sure.

As it is designed only for hard floors, it will stay firm while giving your feet the warmth of a carpet. It protects floor at its best and the vacuum tech will not leave any trace behind upon moving it from one place to another. Environment friendliness, curl/line/crack resistance, slip/skid resistance are 100% guaranteed as it is manufactured following the American and European standards.

Quality with durability: Made with soft carpet-like fabric, its slip, skid, crack, curl or band resistance ability is praiseworthy. It is durable enough to run for a long time, no matter how much traffic there is.

Ease of movement and cleaning: Even though the surface is rugged, it eliminates any break or bump on the way of chair wheels. Moreover, it only requires vacuum cleaning, making the cleaning task much easier.

Efficient and non-toxic: Completely efficient in saving the floor, and totally free of toxicity. No chemical odor or substance to disturb your workspace environment.

Easy rolling-unrolling: Roll the mat and lay some weight on the corners until it flattens completely. For shifting purpose, it will roll up easily without leaving any vacuum tech extras. Also, it is easily cut-able in case you want to recycle it.

10. Gorilla Grip Premium Polycarbonate Chair Mat | Heavy Duty Easy Glide Transparent Mats for Office and Home

The Gorilla Grip Premium Polycarbonate chair mat with lip is an amazing choice for preventing scratches and patches on the hardwood floor. It flattens quickly after rolling and provides ease of rolling chair without leaving any indentation or marks. Highly slip-resistant, this glossy transparent mat will also not obstruct the view of your fully furnished floor.

Easy to clean, it is sure to run for years as well. Its extended lip provides extra space for your feet under the desk, making your comfort one of its top priorities. Roll it on the workspace, lay some weight on the corners, leave until flattens completely, and the slip, skid, bend, curl resistant mat is ready to get to work.

Quality material: It’s a highly durable and long-lasting polycarbonate floor mat with a sturdy, unbreakable and smooth surface. Thus, no need to worry about curls, bends or cracks.

Ease of movement: The chair glides effortlessly leaving no indentation or press marks, while you get full control of movement and enjoy its ergonomic design, relieving fatigue.

Size and design: See-through efficiency of this mat will showcase your office/home floor seamlessly. Moreover, this 36 X 48 inches rectangular mat includes a lip measuring 20 x 12 that increases your workspace.

Installing and cleaning: Upon receiving, unbox the mat, unroll it on the ground, put some weight on it and wait until the mat flattens. Moreover, cleaning this mat is made easy with the wipe and clean process.

Why You Actually Need Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors?

A newly renovated office or home office with chairs aligned next to each other and a beautifully furnished hardwood floor that makes you want to keep staring at. But you wouldn’t want those chair wheels to ruin the hardwood floor with scratches and marks now, would you? Hence, chair mats for hardwood floors. They are the only solution to this avoidable misery.

The wheels and casters of chairs can rapidly and greatly damage the hardwood floor in various ways. They can leave deep marks, patches, stains. Sometimes even make the floor uneven by scrapping pieces off of it.

To save the floor from this torture and yourself from spending on fixing the floor until your pocket is empty, go for a chair mat. Invest in one and rest assured for a lifetime. Not only it will save your money and time, but it will also make long working hours of sitting on a chair much more comfortable.

How to Choose Perfect Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors?

The things you must consider before choosing the perfect chair mat for hardwood floors are


For different types of floors, there are different types of chair mats. For instance, mats with smooth backing and less thickness are best for hard floors like hardwood, tiled, laminate etc. but an absolutely NO GO for carpeted floors.

Similarly, chair mats for carpeted floors have studded backing and are much thicker and heavier than the hardwood floor ones.

Mat material

The most used and available mats in the market are made of three different types of materials; Polycarbonate, PVC and, temper glass. These options of materials vary in terms of service they offer, their overall build (thickness, flexibility, etc.), and pricing.

PVC is the thinnest of them all and should be used for light work purposes. Polycarbonate is somewhat similar but a lot stronger and durable than PVC. It is appropriate for regular use that includes heavyweights. Last but not the least, we have tempered glass. It is the best one for any floor type in terms of long-lasting durability, amazing service, flat surface, and eco-friendliness. The only thing that might bother you is that it is quite expensive than the other two.

Size and color

Select the mat size accurately before going for any. Don’t assume the workspace size, measure if needed. A slight change in the chair mat size can create a lot of pain in the long run.

You might love the color purple or orange, but those colors of mat for hardwood floor won’t look as promising as you want. Keep in mind to synchronize the color of the mat with room’s theme and floor color before selecting.

Apart from these three, there are also some other aspects like eco-friendliness, washability, wear and tear resistance, etc. that you need to keep in mind for choosing the best chair mat for hardwood floors.

FAQs about Hardwood Floor Chair Mat

What material chair mat is best?

Answer: Polycarbonate chair mats are the best, compared with other types of chair mats that are available. These mats are more durable, flexible, and affordable.

How thick of a chair mat is best?

Answer: Chair mats come in different levels of thickness. What is best for you depends on the weight that is put on the mat. The heavier the weight, the thicker the mat.

Why is chair mat necessary?

Answer: Chair mat saves the floor from getting unwanted spots or scratches from chair wheels and casters. Hence, they are necessary in both offices and homes.

Can the hardwood chair mats be used on carpet?

Answer: Hardwood chair mats are a lot thinner to use in carpet floors. They are flexible to a great extent but will not stay at one place and likely to sink in the carpet floor.

How can I prevent the chair mat from sliding?

Answer: Studded floor mats are built to effectively resist slipping and sliding. One can also use double sided tapes to stick the mat to the floor in order to prevent the chair mat from sliding.

What does floor mat with lip mean?

Answer: “Lip” in a floor mat refers to the extended area of the mat that goes on the floor under the table. It is added in a mat for extra foot space as well as space for chair. Floor mats with lips are also known as ‘T’ Shaped mats.

Can I recycle my chair mat?

Answer: Chair mats that are made of PVC or Polypropylene are easily recyclable. This chair mats are mainly manufactured for office or home office chairs.

How to flatten a new chair mat?

Answer: Adding weights on the floor mat’s center and corners after unrolling helps greatly. With the weight on mat, lay it on a flat ground under sunlight and wait until it levels out fully. Afterwards, bring it inside and let it cool according to the room temperature.

Are PVC chair mats good?

Answer: PVC chair mats are good in the sense that they are children and pet friendly and, have a high rate of durability.

Are chair mats good for carpet?

Answer: Chair mats that are not built for use on the carpeted floors can cause heavy damage to the carpet fibers by breaking the fibers of the area they are placed on. Placing them for a longer period can also cause the mats’ sinking into the carpet.


Chair mats for hardwood floors are now an inevitable part of day-to-day office tasks. To be able to work and move rolling chairs comfortably without damaging the floor surface or even the chair wheels, you require chair mats. They have proven to be a great savior in completing the task they are built for. Hope our suggestion helps you find the best chair mat for hardwood floor of your office. If you wish to leave us your valuable feedback, please feel free to do so.

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