Best Door Sweep for Interior and Exterior Doors

Doors do offer great protection from everything we want protection from, but still, some things do manage to get inside through the bottom of our doors. And the problems this causes us can’t be stopped without the help of a proper door sweep.

Here we put down a list of five of the best door sweeps that will definitely serve for the better with their splendid features. Check the reviews out to find the sweep that suits your preferences and criteria.

Top 5 Best Door Sweep for Bugs Reviews in 2022

Let’s find the perfect door sweep for your home. We have picked some amazing door sweeps you may not find them anywhere else.

1. M-D Building Products Commercial Grade Door Sweep

M-D Building Products 68247 1-1/4-Inch EPDM 36-Inch DB006 Commercial Grade Door Sweep is your pal if you happen to be searching for something heavy-duty. Heavy-duty metal attire makes it a worthy companion for both household and commercial use. The door sweep is built to handle heavy traffic for a good number of years to come.

Comes with heavy rubber seal for ease in operating the sweep; easy to move, but not excessively. Between the threshold and the lower portion of the door, the seal maintains a distance of 3 inches (sometimes 4 inches). As it says in the name, this door sweep is made for doors that are up to 36-inches wide. Its dimensions are 40.2 x 4.2 x 4.8 inches, and it weighs near 11 ounces (10.9 ounces to be precise).

With this sweep, you won’t have to stay worried about safety hazard all the time. M-D Building Products 68247 1-1/4-Inch EPDM 36-Inch DB006 Commercial Grade Door Sweep comes UL-rated to ensure ultimate safety of your door.

Why Did We Pick It?

  • Heavy-duty metal ensures longevity and durability even in a heavy-traffic environment.
  • UL-rated product.
  • Heavy rubber seal adds to the convenience of sweep movement.

2. VITAM AMO Door Sweep – Door Weather Stripping – No Tools Required

In case you’re looking for a sweep that can be fitted to any door’s bottom and doesn’t require complex mounting, VITAM AMO Door Sweep is the thing for you.

The sweep comes as an adjustable silicone strip; you won’t have to worry about the draft scratching your floor. It’s easy to cut through the material; you can easily shred off bits of it to fit your door gap perfectly.

At winter your house will stay warm and free of cold air, thanks to the three heights offered by this door sweep; and it’s provides with effective result in summer days as well. The sweep being waterproof makes it the perfect thing for blocking rain and snow from entering inside. It’s made following triple-fin design that allows for noise-reduction.

It’s a self-adhesive item which can easily be installed just by tearing off the film of the sticky side.

Why Did We Pick It?

  • Self-adhesive feature with film at one side allows for hassle-free installation.
  • The silicon strip can be cut off for proper fitting and it prevents the sweep from scratching the door or floor.
  • Waterproof attire prevents snow and rain from entering the house along with keeping the temperature under control during summer and winter.
  • Triple-fin design helps to reduce noise.

3. Frost King UDB77W Thermoplastic Slide-On Door Bottom

Frost King UDB77W Thermoplastic Slide-On Door Bottom is a splendid item for the people who are at ease with simple terms. It’s easy to install, and does the job it should and that also without wearing out way before time.’

As it says in the name, the sweep is made of thermoplastic; so quite flexible and easy to use. The height doesn’t get in the way of installation, the thing can easily be cut to fit the bottom of the door. The attaching process requires nothing but straight-up adjustment down there. Also doesn’t scratch or abrade the floor, so it’s perfect for all floors.

Works to keep the house temperature in control by blocking unwanted air during summer and winter, along with dust. You can relax about insects as well since the sweep is effective for keeping those things out as well. As the flexible thermoplastic body can take severe hits, it won’t wear out soon.

Why Did We Pick It?

  • Easy installation which requires only cutting and sliding for adjustment.
  • Thermoplastic body prevents unwanted air and dirt from entering the house; insects as well.
  • Flexible attire reduces the chance of wearing out in a short span.

4. Pemko 18100CNB36 Door Bottom Sweep

If you’re up for a brush sweep, you can check out Pemko Door Bottom Sweep as it’s one of the most popular brush ones because of its splendid performance.

The anodized brush bristles are flexible and perfect for any floor. They don’t abrade the floor but still manages to keep everything in check without wearing out for a long time. Doesn’t melt below the temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and is capable of working until the temperature is -40 degree Fahrenheit.

The sweep is UV stabilized; its design allows for prevention of heat loss, along with stopping rain and snow from coming inside and keeping the house temperature unaffected of the outside heat and air. The brush system also helps with filtration of toxic fumes.

Comes with a nylon brush insert. Flat flange is included to help with the installation process.

Why Did We Pick It?

  • Flexible bristles are good with all sorts of floors and last longer.
  • UV stabilized attire.
  • Prevents outside air and heat from affecting house weather along with stopping rain and snow from entering inside; filters fumes.
  • Easy installation.

5. Fowong Under Door Sweep – Door Draft Stopper Weather Stripping Door Bottom Seal Strip

With Fowong Under Door Sweep at the bottom of your door, you will feel like the champion you desire to be because of all the amazing features that comes along!

First of all flexibility-wise, this one is made with silicone material to help with the convenient movement of the door; it also doesn’t scratch the door. The sweep is constructed following three-holes design which works to reduce noise. It provides ultimate blocking privilege from unwanted air, heat, rain, and of course, insects like rodents. The light from the outside or another room can’t enter through the seal either.

To make the installation process easy for you, it comes with glue in one side; and that glue doesn’t dry out like many other sweep glues. In fact, the glue is recyclable and waterproof; you can wash the side thoroughly with water and then stick it again at the bottom of the door without needing anything extra to stick it there. And it’s residue-free as well.

Why Did We Pick It?

  • Flexible Silicone body.
  • The sweep keeps the house temperature under control, prevents insects from entering inside, and stops light from coming through the bottom of the door.
  • Three-hole design helps with noise-reduction.
  • Water-resistant and recyclable glue doesn’t lose its adhesiveness after one use.

My Two Cents at the End

Sweeps can vary based on the material, flexibility, durability, and compatibility.

That’s why we tried to include several types of sweeps here to help you make the best negotiations for your door. We hope our reviews will be handy and help you buy the best door sweep.

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