Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen with Beautiful Design and Strong Built

The necessity of having an exhaust fan in the kitchen is something that certainly can never be compromised, especially when kitchen is the place where you constantly have to deal with aroma of food substances and smoke

And you shouldn’t be compromising on the quality of the exhaust fan you want in your kitchen either. We’re dealing with grease, moisture and irritating fume here!

So, to help you not “to compromise on quality” and find the best exhaust fan for the kitchen, we have here the finest selections from the exhaust fan market. Check out the features in the review to see which one has what it’d take to be the perfect fit for your cooking zone.

If you are in hurry and just want to grab the finest one from the list without reading all the reviews, I would suggest this exhaust fan.

Our Top Picks

  1. Best Exhaust Fan for Under Cabinet: Broan-NuTone 413004 Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood with Lights
  2. Best Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan for Home: iLIVING ILG8SF10V Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan
  3. Best for Kitchen & Bathroom: Hon&Guan 4″ Window and Wall Mount Exhaust Fan
  4. Best Square Exhaust Fan: Broan-Nutone 512M Through-the-Wall Ventilation Fan
  5. Best Ceiling Ventilation Fan for Home: Panasonic FV-30VQ3 WhisperCeiling Ventilation Fan
  6. Best Exhaust Fan and Light Combo for Over Kitchen Stove: Broan-NuTone Aluminum Power Pack Range Hood Insert, Exhaust Fan and Light Combo

Best Exhaust Fan for Home Kitchen in 2022 Reviews

1. Hon&Guan 4″ Home, Kichen, Bathroom and Garage Exhaust Fan – Window and Wall Mount Fan

Not just the kitchen, Hon&Guan 4″ Home Fan Bathroom Garage Exhaust Fan is a splendid choice for ventilation of your whole house. With outstanding choice of material, brilliantly engineered outlet, and power supply that guarantees to provide a satisfying performance, this model is definitely an exhaust fan worth checking out.

We need to think of the planet, and this fan’s eco-friendly, anti-UV design is here to back you up in that noble cause; this is why the fan doesn’t consume much power while compressing air. With only 10W of power, it can handle up to 110v. The motor is able to compress 55 cubic feet air per minute.

The fan features copper coil motor that comes with thermal protection to prevent the motor from overheating while compressing. Waterproof exterior saves you from all kinds of water-related jeopardy. Instead of plug, it includes 40CM 2×0.5mm² power cord.

Constructed with ABS plastic material which makes the fan durable enough to withstand heavy use and high temperature for a long term. Ultra-thin front panel ensures good exhaustion. Also includes its own insect screen to stop the bugs from meddling with the system, you won’t have to make a separate installment.

Installation of the fan is easier than you can imagine! Structured to be mounted on the wall, ceiling or window, wherever you need it to be; just connect the core to the nearest power outlet and Hon&Guan 4″ Home Fan Bathroom Garage Exhaust Fan is ready to go!

Highlighted Features

  • Thermal protected motor prevents overheating.
  • Waterproof frame with ultra-thin front panel.
  • Doesn’t require much power for running.
  • ABS plastic structure ensures durability.
  • Built-in insect screen.

2. Broan-Nutone 512M Through-the-Wall Ventilation Fan

Broan-Nutone 512M Through-the-Wall Ventilation Fan is a perfect fit for your kitchen because it’s designed keeping the kitchen odor issue in mind. And even the irritating tobacco smoke as well. Humidity? Well, count the fan in!

The exhaust fan can compress air up to 70 cubic feet per minute. The motor is capable of providing 2600 rpm at the capacity of 120/127-Volts maximum. And with the rating of 6.0 sones, this is a quite decent model for kitchen environment.

The backdraft damper is engineered to save energy; doesn’t invest much of the provided power on back drafting.

Fascinating combination of metal and polymer in the structure speaks volume. The fan blade is constructed using high-quality polymer that promises excellent service with viability. Overheating is not an issue as the motor is thermal protected. The steel housing comes coated with electrically-bonded epoxy paint which adds to the durability. The motor is also thoroughly lubricated so that you can rely on its service for a good period of time.

The installation process is easy as game. The housing can be installed via walls that are 4.5″ to 9.5″ thick, even 5.25″ to 10″ thick walls as well. Besides, you can easily adjust the housing to fit your wall. The back of the motor has to be plugged in all the way to the exterior of the world for installation. The body spins and you can easily install it applying “twist-lock” tactic.

Yes, Broan-Nutone 512M Through-the-Wall Ventilation Fan offers all these splendid features for your kitchen and indoor, with the fantastic advantage of white polymeric grille in the front that can be painted to complement the wall or the room décor. The grille also includes built-in bird screen.

Highlighted Features

  • Built-in damper to put a hold onto back drafting.
  • Thermal protected, lubricated motor with epoxy paint-coated frame can run for a longtime without overheating.
  • High quality, durable polymer blade.
  • Adjustable structure and locking method helps with convenient installation.

3. Broan-NuTone Aluminum Power Pack Range Hood Insert, Exhaust Fan and Light Combo for Over Kitchen Stove

Exhaust fans have to deal with a lot either way; and when it’s in the kitchen where the air is filled with various elements of surprise, there’s no way you can compromise on the quality of the fan you want to install there. And this is why Broan Aluminum Power Pack Range Hood Insert Exhaust Fan is a perfect choice for your kitchen environment.

Let’s talk about the fan’s capacity first. It comes included in a kitchen hood insert as a blower. The sone rating of the blower is 8.0, but the insert comes with two control settings that allow you to balance the compressing sound while working. The motor can compress 250 cubic feet of air per minute. UL listed and HVI certified, so you’re guaranteed to have a safe experience with excellent compression service. ADA compliant structure as well. Features three speed controls for operating the slide.

And the insert also has a slot for light bulb, where two incandescent candelabra bulbs can be fitted; the limit for the bulb is 40 watts maximum. The 2.1 amps-rated motor itself can handle up to 120 volts.

Cleaning the insert is super easy. Comes with one-piece aluminum mesh filter that can be taken off for cleaning purpose, and even greasy stain can easily be removed from its durable smooth surfaces. Features quick-release filters compatible with dishwasher.

The powder coated silver unit is built for heavy usage. And no confusion about mounting placement as the insert includes the options for both non-ducted discharge, and then again a whole 7-inch round duct with adapter and damper; Broan Aluminum Power Pack Range Hood Insert Exhaust Fan comes just overall prepared to provide you with the best exhaust fan for kitchen experience.

Highlighted Features

  • Two control settings for fan sound adjustment.
  • Light bulb slot for incandescent candelabra bulbs.
  • Removable aluminum mesh filter for filtering the smoke.
  • Both duct-mounting and non-duct discharge are allowed.

4. Panasonic FV-30VQ3 WhisperCeiling Ventilation Fan

You’re looking for something quiet and energy-saving? Panasonic FV-30VQ3 WhisperCeiling Ventilation Fan got your back.

The motor with enclosed condenser comes all structured to give you the best exhaustion service by using as low amount of energy as possible. Sone rating being 2.0 makes it a pleasant fit for anywhere in the house, including kitchen. The motor is able to compress 290 cubic feet of air per minute. Its air moving capacity goes higher than 0.1″ and 0.25″ static pressure benchmarks. Built-in damper is included for keeping out humid and polluted air.

The blower wheel features dolphin-shaped, double-tapered blades. The wheel’s large body plays a big role in moving air quietly as bigger structure tends to make less sound compared to compact body. This helps with the overheating problem as well, slow rotation with larger blow prevents the motor from overheating; and the lubricated motor along with coated heavy-gauge zinc galvanized steel frame makes the fan rustproof, hence durable for long-term usage.

The fan is designed for ceiling mounting, but its expandable extension bracket gives you the liberty of fitting installation anywhere. The bracket can expand up to the length of 26-inch. Features duct adapter for 6-inch ducts. Install and enjoy the quiet, less energy-consuming air purifying experience of the outstanding, WA Ventilation Code compliant and ENERGY STAR certified Panasonic FV-30VQ3 WhisperCeiling Ventilation Fan.

Highlighted Features

  • Comparatively bigger blower with large double-tapered, dolphin-shaped blade allows for less noisy air exhaustion without overheating the motor.
  • Built-in damper for air filtration.
  • Lubricated motor for smooth run on a long term.
  • Coated heavy-gauge zinc galvanized steel frame ensures durability.
  • Extension bracket and duct adapter for convenient installation.

5. iLIVING ILG8SF10V – 10″ Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan with Automatic Shutter and Variable Speed

The best thing about iLIVING 10″ Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan is, it does the job of cooling as well without needing that extra set up. A fan that serves the purpose of two, more than enough to call it the best exhaust fan for kitchen!

Class B motor, compresses up to 600 cubic feet of air per minute. The motor comes with blade that’s able to move air at the rate of 1580 RPM. 0.55 amps with the running capability of 120 volts maximum, this motor knows how to eliminate humidity and polluting elements while cooling the room without overriding the budget.

Features weather-resistant shutters that automatically close when needed. The frames are constructed of heavy-duty, galvanized steel that are durable enough to handle thermal issues and humidity like a pro. The sone level is pretty low, all thanks to the way the aluminum propeller’s motions are brilliantly balanced to make sure it doesn’t get too noisy inside. The motor is lubricated to ensure longevity by maintaining corrosion-free rotation for a good amount of time. Engineered to prevent overheating, which also helps with the fan’s durability.

The speed of the fan is adjustable. However, you will have to make a separate speed controller purchase to utilize this feature.

The frame is structured to be mounted on the wall. Install iLIVING 10″ Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan in your kitchen, bedroom, and even attic, garage or greenhouse; enjoy the benefits of allergen and moisture elimination with a hint of cool, purified air wherever you want.

Highlighted Features

  • Automated weather-resistant shutter.
  • Heavy-duty, galvanized steel frame is heat-resistant.
  • Lubricated motor allows for corrosion-free rotation.
  • Aluminum propeller ensures less noisy operation.
  • Adjustable fan speed; speed controller has to be added separately.

6. Broan-NuTone 413004 Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood with Lights Exhaust Fan for Under Cabinet

Broan’s most amazing thing is they’re pretty thoughtful when it comes to convenient and healthy kitchen experience, and that’s evident in their products as well. Broan-NuTone 413004 Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood with Lights Exhaust Fan’s features offer a literal proof for that.

Stainless steel hood is durable, and doesn’t need to be connected to a duct for exhausting and filtering air. Features non-ducted filtration system, with charcoal filter that can be replaced and washed in the dishwasher to get rid of the greasy substances.

The motor is lubricated which guarantees corrosion-free rotation and longevity. The fan can be operated in two different speed. Includes lighting arrangement slot for 75W bulb; comes covered with lamp lens that allows for thorough illumination over the whole surface. The hood has separate switches for controlling the fan and light.

The hood comes with hemmed, carefully shaped, and mitered edges, for safe installation and user convenience. Its structure helps to directly soak up the odor and air-polluting elements, grease or moisture from the kitchen surroundings. Includes option for hardwiring; however, you have to purchase the cord kit separately for that. Mount the hood keeping at least 18 inch distance with the cook top and you’re good to go. Broan-NuTone 413004 Non-Ducted Ductless Range Hood with Lights Exhaust Fan is ADA compliant, a fascinating choice for every household.

Highlighted Features

  • Non-ducted exhaustion and filtration system.
  • Removable and washable charcoal filter.
  • Durable stainless steel hood with mitered, protected edges.
  • Lubricated motor ensures corrosion-free operation.
  • Light slot for light bulbs; with lamp lens for equal distribution of light.
  • Separate switches for controlling fan speed and light.


The goal of these reviews is to help you find the best exhaust fan for kitchen in the house (or your workspace; wherever you cook, we don’t judge); this is why we picked six choices totally different from each other so that everybody can have their perfect fit. Hope the reviews were helpful enough for you to make the right purchase.

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