Best Kitchen Sink Caddy that Can Change the Look of Your Kitchen

Not a lot of people will have the guts to admit this, but secretly we’ve all had our kitchen sink meltdown moments.

What can we say? Adulting is hard.

We’ve always rolled our eyes as teenagers when our parents put us in the dish cleaning duty; however, we do get the sentiment now, doing all these is really hard; the whole kitchen job is super hard! (Also pretty annoying on most occasions)

Specifically, the chores surrounding the sink just never seem to end!

Dishes from the last night’s dinner all done? What about the bowl you just had your morning cereal in thirty minutes ago? Then more dishes and cups throughout the whole day and this unpaid circle keep repeating every day of every week.

The mess never ends, and it’s become even more unbearable with sponges lying here and there all bare and moist, inviting all the bacteria to come to form their colony on the top. The dispensers look all the same, and it’s not always the right soap. And you’ll be lying if you claim to never lose the brushes amidst all this mess.

Yes, an unfortunate tale of every “responsible” adult’s life. So, stop feeling like a failure and do what you came here to do in the first place. Check out our seven Best Kitchen Sink Caddy Organizer Reviews below and pick the best kitchen sink caddy for your kitchen, so that at least your cleaning supply issue can get sorted out.

Top 7 Best Kitchen Sink Caddy Reviews in 2022

In a hurry and do not have time to read detailed reviews? Have a look at the following table, you will get a clear idea in just seconds.

If you are interested in more detailed reviews, keep reading. We have covered everything one may want to know.

1. ODesign Large Kitchen Sink Caddy

best stainless steel sink caddy

Kitchen sink caddy should make your cleaning job easy for you, and ODesign understands that. ODesign Large Kitchen Sink Caddy is constructed with the finest steel and structured in a brilliant way to make the job of stacking all the cleaning supplies more convenient than ever.

So what do you get with ODesign Large Kitchen Sink Caddy? An adequately large space to keep all your cleaning supplies in the grip of your hand all the time. Primarily comes with a tray where you can put the soap dispenser and other bottles, along with the foam and sponges. Or you can store the bottle in the basket next to that. The basket is also where the brushes go. There’s a whole other section at the back for kitchen towels.

So that’s the whole arrangement for storing the cleaning supplies. At the bottom of the tray, there’s another set of rails that can be used for drying wet towels or any other piece of cloth used in kitchen chores at any time.

What about constant water dripping from soaked sponges or anything wet? This caddy has got this sorted as well. It comes with a drain pan that’s removable. The pan collects all the drippings; pull it out anytime to drain out the water and get it properly cleaned.

All this watery talk is probably got you thinking about the rust situation, which is completely non-existent as the caddy’s SUS 304 brushed stainless steel structure makes it rustproof and water-resistant. So rinse the piece, let water drip all over the tray all day long, this will still remain as the best stainless steel sink caddy with zero hints of rust at any spot. Also BPA-free, so you definitely won’t have to worry about toxicity.

Why We Picked It:

  • SUS 304 brushed stainless steel structure isn’t affected by water, doesn’t get rusted over time.
  • Three separate sections for storing all the cleaning supplies in an organized order.
  • Rail for drying wet towels and cloths.
  • Removable pan for draining out filthy soap water and drippings from the scrubs, bottles, cloths, and brushes.
  • Doesn’t contain BPA.

2. KESOL Adhesive Sponge Holder + Brush Holder 3-in-1 Sink Caddy

best space-saving sink caddy

Thinking minimalistic? Go with KESOL Adhesive Sponge Holder + Brush Holder 3-in-1 Sink Caddy! It comes with a genuinely effective minimalist setup that you’ll absolutely admire, which makes it the best space-saving sink caddy indeed!

Why is it called 3-in-1? Firstly, because of the installation. This caddy will save you all the fuss of modifying anything in your kitchen or any other place just for the sake of mounting. Rather, you can install the piece in your sink, given the sink must be spacious enough to hold the caddy without it being the reason for the interruption in your daily cleaning.

The caddy comes with adhesive hooks for mounting convenience. Just have to remove the adhesive cover and attach it to any smooth hard surface you want, preferably your kitchen sink to help with all the sink-related work. What’s more fascinating, the adhesive can carry up to 15lbs of weight!

The other two attributes are the sectioned sponge and brush holders. The bottom surface allows for thorough dripping and drying, so you won’t have to worry about drying those soaked sponges and brushes after every use. The design is initially intended for sink mounting so that all the water dripping from the caddy, brushes, and scrubs goes straight down the sink drain pipe without getting any other surface wet.

SUS 304 Stainless steel body is rustproof. KESOL is so determined about their waterproof design; you will get a replacement for your caddy in no time if it gets even a hint of rust in any of the first five years of use.

Why We Picked It:

  • Adhesive hook allows for easy, quick, non-damaging, surface-friendly mounting.
  • Minimalist design that’s initially aimed for sink installation.
  • Separate holders for sponge and brush.
  • Open design allows for effortless drying.
  • Water-resistant SUS 304 Stainless steel body won’t rust in years.

3. Simplehuman Slim Sink Caddy – Brushed Stainless Steel

best slim sink caddy

Simplehuman Slim Sink Caddy is literally the dream sink caddy for those who want the best storage and drying treatment for their kitchen sponges. It has got that clever design, a perfect structure that doesn’t take up much space, and mounting privilege that will just have you say, “If this is not the best slim sink caddy, then I don’t know anymore!”

It is designed with elevated storage that keeps the sponge popping up from the caddy always for grabbing convenience, which helps with the soaked sponge’s edge not accumulating hard water stains by simply pressing against the surface. There are numerous ventilation holes at the bottom which allows for non-stop air circulation all the time, while also making sure that the inside is not collecting scums and hard minerals from the wet sponge.

The stainless steel body is too tough for rust. The brushed finish outside isn’t here just to serve a sleek look; this coating is what makes this fantastic minimalist piece water-resistant.

And about installation? You can already tell from the wire ledge hanger, that it comes all prepared to hang safely from anywhere you aim to mount it onto. Plus, there are four suction cups in the back of the caddy that will always be ensuring a non-slip caddy experience for its user in the coming years.

Why We Picked It:

  • Elevated storage allows for convenient storing and picking of the sponge.
  • Ventilation holes are constantly assuring air circulation inside the caddy.
  • Rustproof, water-resistant brushed stainless steel body.
  • Ledge hanger makes hanging easy, suction cups prevent the caddy from slipping.

4. Simplehuman Sink Caddy with Suction Cup

best sink caddy with drainage system

When a brand has more than one brilliant product design, you just have to go back to them again and again. Well, at least that’s how simplehuman got us feel like about sink caddies with their simplehuman Sink Caddy with Suction Cup. It follows the basic simplehuman caddy structure for the start, but with few clever modifications.

If you’re looking for a good brush holder in your future caddy, look no further. It comes with two separate sections for holding brushes and sponges. The brush holder features a pop-up silicon bottom that can be extended according to your preference. This attribute eliminates the limitation of storing brushes because of their length.

Elevated sponge storage makes it easier to grab the sponge whenever needed. The sponges don’t get to become a safe haven for mildew, molds, and bacteria, all thanks to the drying privilege the ventilation holes at the bottom of the caddy, which automatically makes it the best sink caddy with drainage system.

The brushed steel structure is rustproof and built to last years. As for the installation, you’re insured from all aspects. Four suction cups at the back allow for non-slip mounting, and a wire ledge hanger just adds to the mounting privilege by hanging from anywhere suitable for you.

Why We Picked It:

  • Expandable pop-up silicon brush holder can hold brushes of various lengths.
  • Elevated sponge storage allows for effortless picking.
  • Ventilation holes at the bottom help with draining and uninterrupted air circulation inside.
  • Rustproof brushed stainless steel structure.
  • Suctions cups and wire ledge hanger makes hanging easy without slipping.

5. Oyydecor Kitchen Sink Caddy Organizer with Drain Pan Sponge Soap Brush Holder

most stylish sink caddy

Along with efficiency, how ‘bout a little bit stylish outlook? Oyydecor Kitchen Sink Caddy Organizer is definitely up for that! In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch at all to call it the most stylish sink caddy on our list.

The rail structure keeps the soaked sponge from getting all damp. And there’s this barricade that allows for a secure storing of your brush and soap bottles. You can even hang a towel at the back part. The caddy comes structured for keeping all the supplies in one place while not putting up much for shielding; which is stylish, as well as innovative.

Features a draining tray that captures drippings from wet sponge and bottles. The tray can be removed anytime for emptying and cleaning purposes.

The caddy is structured to be placed on a countertop. While the High-grade SUS304 brushed stainless steel body is all water-resistant, hence, won’t rust; the metal body poses literally no harm to the surface it’s to be placed on, all four corners of the caddy come with non-slip rubber bottoms to prevent any possibility of accidental damage or scratches.

Why We Picked It:

  • Railed surface allows storing all sorts of cleaning supplies with proper air ventilation.
  • Removable draining tray helps to keep the place tidy by storing the drippings.
  • Water-resistant SUS304 brushed stainless steel body doesn’t rust.
  • Non-slip rubber bottom keeps the edges from getting damaged and scratching any surface.

6. KeFanta Kitchen Sink Caddy – Over Sink Expandable

best large sink caddy

Now let’s see another sink caddy that can be mounted onto the sink. The problem we’re often faced with most sink-mounted caddies is the size. Well, this is certainly not an issue with KeFanta Kitchen Sink Caddy; if come to think about it, this might be the best large sink caddy you ever came across!

Instead of taking up countertop space, this caddy is designed to fit in the sink in a way that will allow you to wash stuff uninterrupted while also being close to all the necessary cleaning supplies. And your sink size doesn’t matter. The caddy is 13.3 inches long; however, it comes with arms that can be extended 5 inches more to fit the sinks of any standard frame.

The caddy is super long and conveniently spacious. From sponges and brushes to large bottles of soap, you can store all your cleaning supplies in one place without needing to compromise. And not just the cleaning supplies, the caddy is thoughtfully structured to help you store anything over the sink after washing or rinsing; can be cups, and even grapes you just bought from the store.

The duty of drying and draining is like breeze with its open rail structure. Just put the wet thing down, air will take care of the rest.

All this, and then a caddy that won’t rust in years. 304 Stainless Steel is sturdy, durable, and capable of fighting dampness superiorly to most other caddies in the market.

Why We Picked It:

  • Doesn’t take up kitchen space.
  • Rubber arms that don’t slip and can be extended in length to fit the sink.
  • Spacious enough for storing a good number of things, range not limited to cleaning supplies only.
  • Open rail structure allows for air drying; prevents dampness, water mark, mold, or germ build-up; drains water directly into the sink.
  • Durable, water-resistant 304 Stainless Steel structure won’t rust in years.

7. OXO Good Grips Sinkware Caddy

best plastic sink caddy

We’ve seen enough of them sturdy steel ones; let’s end the list with a plastic caddy. OXO Good Grips Sinkware Caddy is designed to solve the brush/sponge storing issue in style. The white plastic body is durable, cleverly structured, amazing to look at. Everything you’d want in the best plastic sink caddy, you’d definitely find in this one.

The caddy is intended for storing brushes and sponges. Comes with crock-like dividers to put the brush and sponge separately, while also making sure they get enough air to dry. The elevated sponge divider makes it easier to pick up the cleaning sponge, while the whole caddy is high enough to hold longer brushes.

The divider can be removed anytime depending on the user’s preference. Still won’t have to worry about the sponges or brushes drying, the caddy is spacious enough for thorough air circulation, and the drain holes at the bottom of the caddy are here too to take care of that.

The drain holes are initially there to help drain out the drippings from wet cleaning supplies. There’s a drip tray with a pour spout at the bottom of the caddy that catches the dripping liquid. The tray can be removed anytime for regular cleaning, the spout makes it easier to get rid of the drippings.

Why We Picked It:

  • Removable crock-inspired dividers to store brush and sponge separately that also help with air-drying.
  • Drain holes at the bottom to drain out drippings from the wet supplies.
  • Removable tray with pour sprout to store and taking out the drippings.

Why You Need Kitchen Sink Caddy Organizer?

Sinks are, by the nature of the purpose, pretty messy areas. Constantly dishes are being dumped, soap scum on the top from the previous wash, all the spilling and what not; it’s pretty tricky to keep the countertop around the sink clean when you have to repeat the same messy routine several times each waking period.

Sadly, that’s no excuse for kitchen tidiness. The kitchen is an important part of our daily life, and for the sake of keeping it all together, things should be kept clean and organized at their destined places; most importantly to keep everything in order.

And this is where the kitchen sink caddy organizer becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. The use of soap, brush, sponge never seems to end; and sometimes these things make more mess than cleaning up, due to lack of proper maintenance. And kitchen sink caddy organizer is the thing to help you with this.

Depending on the structure or the initial purpose, the caddy can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. Most of the manufacturers target a sink-side or in-sink placement to help the user advance one more step towards utter cleanliness.

You can keep all your sink-based cleaning supplies in your caddy, and pick them up later conveniently. Best kitchen sink caddies come structured in a unique manner to help keep the supplies intact from moisture and unhygienic build-ups. With innovative designs and features, a good kitchen sink organizer caddy is always there to help you achieve the satisfaction of having a clean, dry kitchen countertop.

How to Choose the Perfect Sink Caddy Organizer for Your Kitchen?

We all know what a decent sink caddy organizer is capable of, but how to choose the best kitchen sink caddy for your kitchen from literally thousands of choices in the market?

Not that difficult actually. You just got to set your target straight and aim for it.

  1. Your Primal Need for a Caddy

Yes, the sole purpose of a caddy is to organize cleaning supplies in an orderly manner; however, the necessity does vary in different households. Sometimes a small caddy is enough for an apartment of one; many might be in need of a caddy that won’t take up space in the countertop, and more; the preferences are never the same. So first decide; why you need a caddy actually.

  1. The Sink Arrangement

The choice of caddy depends on the kitchen sink arrangement as well. In case you’re going for a sink-mounted organizer, you’ll definitely be more concerned about whether it’ll fit the sink’s frame or not. Many times, a little bit of modification is required in the kitchen for installation. The amount of space you can give the caddy on the countertop or any other place; that matters. So the choice relies heavily on the arrangement of the sink and everything around it.

  1. The Budget

How pricey are you planning to go? You can always bag some brilliant designs at a surprisingly cheap rate; then again, you might expand the budget a bit more to be open to some more designs? It’s all up to you; set a price target to make shopping for the best kitchen sink caddy easier.

  1. The Features

Features of a particular caddy play a pretty vital role in the choice. Every organizer is different by a measure or two, and many times even more. As already mentioned before, even though the foremost purpose is the same for every user, they lean towards different characteristics of an item based on what might benefit them the most in the long run.

Since the supplies are bound to get wet all the time, it’s important your caddy comes fully prepared to give them that damp-resistant treatment while also providing sufficient storage. The structure has to fit your sink arrangement. The durability; if metal, how they’re going to prevent rust; all of the important questions like these must be answered through all the features. When the attributes match your preference, you know what to do!

  1. The Reviews

Of course, the reviews! Features portray a possible concept of what to expect; still, the experiences of different customers with the same product are never the same. This is where reviews come in handy to get a clearer picture. The reviews of a particular caddy will help you prepare for it beforehand and sometimes stop you from making the wrong choice.

  1. Final Decision

With everything mentioned above, you shouldn’t have any huge dilemma anymore about the caddy you really want. Think about your preferences, your target price range, all the attributes you’d like in your caddy, and whether a caddy is capable of living up to your expectations. Once you’ve made up your mind, head to your best kitchen sink caddy’s link, and add it to the cart.

Not that hard of a decision now, is it?

FAQs about Kitchen Sink Caddy

What does SUS 304 stainless steel mean?

Answer: SUS 304 stainless steel is a metallic element that’s made of 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel composition. The steel is well-reputed for its sturdiness, durability, and corrosion-resistant quality. The material can easily be welded and given various shapes or forms without needing much force. A popular choice for wet zones like pipelines and sinks as the composition usually tends to be rustproof.

What is BPA?

Answer: BPA is the short form for the chemical named bisphenol-A. It’s quite toxic, yet used to be rampantly used in various plastic, metal, and resin structure in the twentieth century. Even though people are more cautious now, many items are still manufactured with BPA in them; sometimes in sink caddies too.

Why do the manufacturers often use stainless steel to make kitchen sink organizers?

Answer: Metal offers more long-lasting service and durability, which caters to most manufacturers for quality production. Stainless steel can be structured well for any purpose, capable of great endurance, pretty durable, even resistant to corrosion; so it’s the go-to metal for many obvious reasons.

Besides, the sink area is all about the watery mess; stainless steel doesn’t rust easily; so it’s definitely a combo you won’t want to let go of.

How does a sink caddy prevent the kitchen countertop from getting messy?

Answer: When there’s nothing to keep those brushes, scrubs, or soap dispensers organized; things are bound to get a lot less functional. In addition, wet brush, scrub, and bottle scattered all around on the countertop are definitely not a pleasant scenario to come across.

With an organizer by the sink, all the supplies are stacked in one place, always near your hands for a quick grab, and their structure takes care of the wetness issue.

Plastic or Stainless Steel: which caddy is better?

Answer: Plastic and stainless steel; both have their fair share of benefits and advantages. It depends on a particular caddy’s entire structure and how it’s being used in a certain condition.

Since we’re dealing with moisture here, it’s important that the caddy is capable of drying the supplies; whether it’s plastic or steel, doesn’t make a difference here. It doesn’t matter in the cases of organizing manner either. Both are rustproof in their respective ways,

However, stainless steel is definitely more durable than plastic. Then again, plastic is safer to work with.

Why is it so important for sponges or brushes to dry quickly?

Answer: As they’re constantly being used for scrubbing and rinsing, it’s rare for them not to be in a soaking wet condition. If not dried soon enough, the moisture attracts bacteria and leads to scummy/moldy build-up, the last thing you’d want in your “cleaning” supplies.

Where does a kitchen sink caddy go in the kitchen?

Answer: It depends on the kitchen setup, your preference, and the caddy’s structure. For example, if your sink is large enough to hold a caddy, you can always pick a caddy that’s designed for sink-mounting, which might also let you have enough countertop space for other things.

What kind of supplies are to be put in a kitchen sink caddy?

Answer: As it says in the name, kitchen sink caddy; so any supply that has anything to do with cleaning sink, dishes, kitchen countertops. Basically, brushes, scrubs, sponges, cleaning soap; the commodities we often associate with kitchen cleaning (or sink, to be more precise).

Can sink caddies be used for something else other than cleaning supplies?

Answer: Depending on the caddy’s design, sure. Many people use larger caddies for storing dishes, bowls, and cups right after rinsing.

Are kitchen sink caddies strictly meant for kitchen use only?

Answer: Although they’re manufactured solely keeping kitchen sink duty in mind, that shouldn’t limit the possibilities for anyone. The standard structure of the caddy makes it a perfect fit for all cleaning supply storing purposes regardless of the area. You can even use the caddy in the bathroom for storing your shampoo bottles and loofah if you please.


After reading the reviews and info section, it’s obvious that you’ve already made up your mind.

Although we can’t see your kitchen (Unless we’re related. Are we cousins by any chance?), we believe you’ll definitely make the right choice to make your sink-cleaning duty a bit easier.

No more moist sponges lying around on the counter, what a relief!

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