Best Reading Light for Bed that Makes Your Reading Time Really Enjoyable

I remember when the last time I was looking for a good quality reading light for bed. I was overwhelmed with the huge number of lights I found.

Among all which one is the best reading light for bed?

After that deep search, I found some worth using reading lights and made this best reading light for bed review list. I hope this guide will help you get the finest perfect bed light for nighttime reading.

If you are in hurry and want to skip reading all the reviews to find the finest one, I would suggest having a look at Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light. This modern reading in bed book light comes with 3 colors, 6 brightness levels, bendable arms, and a long-lasting rechargeable battery.

Top 7 Best Reading Light for Bed Reviews in 2022

I have scouted 7 of the top reading lights for this list. I hope you find your desired one among them.

1. LEPOWER Clip on Reading Light

It is good to have reading lamps that have a long neck. Best when it is flexible. And this one from Lepower can ensure both. You get a long slender flexible gooseneck in it. It gives the chance to pull it closer or push further than your book as you want it. You can bend it without any constraint.

You can clip this lamp on any solid material with its clip-on system. Its foot consists of this giant clip that lets you do so. You can clip it on bed extensions, a shelf, or even on a tableside. So even if you don’t have a space to keep it, you can clip it somewhere around you.

It comes with a long wiring facility to be plugged in a nearby socket. In the middle of this wiring system, the light controlling facility is given. You can choose your desired mode with the desired brightness with these.

Its wiring system is not random traditional ones. It comes with a USB cabling system. You can use either an adapter or directly connect it to a USB port. If necessary, you can use other power sources too.

Why We Picked It:

  • Has a slender body with a gooseneck facility. Can bend it anyway required.
  • Clip-on system which can be used to stick the light from any hard surface.
  • Simple two switch light adjustment system having two modes with two brightness levels.
  • USB system adapter and cable.

2. Acegoo Bedside Reading Light

It’s a smart idea to get a wall-mounted reading lamp like this one to utilize room space efficiently. This reading lamp is made for complementing the ultra-modern room décor where you are going to keep it. Its simple sleek body design is itself a showpiece.

The functionality of the lamp is touch sensor-based. Your subtle touch on the bottom center will let it change the brightness of the lighting. You have complete control of the adjustments and you can do that very easily.

This lamp will help you get the proper focused lighting that many normal lamps cannot offer. Its bulb remains hooded with a narrow covering which assists in giving such service. It is also helpful for reading at night. You can read peacefully without having the tension of disturbing others by brightening the whole room.

As a reading light, it will remain close to you. Normal lights can create a heating effect after glowing for some time. That’s why LED light is used considering your comfort. LED lights are energy-efficient lights that provide the required light energy without wasting them on unnecessary heating.

Why We Picked It:

  • Sleek slender body with wall mounting facility. Doesn’t take much space.
  • Simple touch function system. Easy to adjust the brightness and mode.
  • A focused lighting facility only brightens a specific spot instead of illuminating the total space.
  • Includes LED light that illuminates efficiently without causing heating issues.

3. Acegoo Bedside Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

Acegoo does a pretty good job in designing the lamps. So, here is another one from the same brand. This lamp also has a very chic construction with all the capabilities of functioning based on purpose. Its minimalistic structural design can go with any room setting without question.

It can have a very simple body structure but has a sturdy body. The construction material of the lamp is chosen to keep it going for long and be durable in its work. Its long slender neck is made of stainless steel attached to a solid metal base. Its metal base ensures its balance and keeps it steady at a place.

The neck of the lamp is flexible. You can bend it up to 360o. The bending facility is beneficial to keep the light far or close to you. As you can move it any way you want, it is very helpful to gain that perfect distance at which you want it to be.

Its light mode adjusting system is as cool as the light itself. Its control system is on its light tip. The tip contains a sensor to feel your touch and work accordingly. Its position is in such a convenient place that you can easily reach for it and adjust the brightness.

Why We Picked It:

  • Has a simple long minimalistic body structure. Does not hamper the room décor.
  • The arm is made of stainless steel with a silicone covering attached to a solid metal base. Highly durable, made to last long.
  • The gooseneck can be twisted 360o to point the light at the perfect angle.
  • Has a touch sensor adjusting system on the tip of the light. Easy to reach and adjust.

4. HomeFocus USB LED Swing Arm Bedside Reading Wall Lamp Light

It’s a 3 in one combo pack. You get a bedside light, reading light, and a USB port. It’s a smart trio for efficient use. You do not have to move around the room to reach the switchboard. You get all you require in one place. It’s best to have the lights and your phone charged right beside your bed.

You can use all three of them at once if you need to. The lights have separate switches and the port is free to use anytime just by plugging in. You can illuminate the space around your bed with the fabric light. And when you are reading late at night, you can switch to the reading light. It will deliver focused lighting illuminating just a small space instead of brightening up the whole space.

Installing the system is not a big deal. You get two options. Either you can install it on the wall with the internal wiring or you can have it externally plugged into a different socket. It works either way. You may choose what suits your situation the best.

You can install the light in any bedroom and expect it to match perfectly. Its combination of traditional and modern look blends with any room setting easily. You can get it for any of the rooms in your house.

Why We Picked It:

  • 3 facilities in one. Includes a bedside lamp, a reading flexible LED light, and a USB port.
  • Can use all three together or one at a time. Has separate switches for both lights.
  • Has both hardwired wall installation and plugged installation facility. Can choose anyone.
  • Has a sophisticated look combing modern and traditional designs. Suits with any room settings.

5. Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

If you travel a lot, this light can be your new best friend. This lightweight neck light can ensure a relaxing time of reading out among nature. It doesn’t require wiring or plugging. It’s a cordless device with freehand usability. Just hang it around your neck and you are free to do your job under bright illuminated light.

It is powered by a 1000mAh battery. You need to charge it from time to time but not so often. With per charge you can go at least 80 hours. Once you charge it fully and leave home, you won’t have to charge it any time soon. You can have a great outing and a peaceful reading session out with this LED light.

The design of the light is very simple. It’s like an open circle with the front part being open. It includes 2 LED lights on each side. It comes in three different colors. You can choose the one you like.

This neck light is not a stiff one. You can bend it however you want. You can bend it into a small circle to fit a small pouch while carrying. It can help you save space in your bag.

Why We Picked It:

  • A neck light with 2 LED light designs. Rests on the neck comfortably to provide hand-free use.
  • Lightweight structure. Suitable for carrying while traveling.
  • Powered by quality ensured 1000mAh rechargeable battery. Can work for around 80 hours per charge.
  • Has flexible arms. Can twist them any way necessary.

6. Vekkia Bookmark Book Light – Clip on Reading Lights for Books in Bed

What is better than a carriable reading light? You can carry it wherever you go. This is the famous bookmark light which has a cordless design is made considering portability.

It has a feather-like thin flat body structure. You can literally put this light inside your book as a bookmark. It can fit inside books easily. You can use the light when you are reading a book and as a bookmark when you keep it aside.

The body is flexible. You can effortlessly bend it as per your requirements. You can leave it flat when inserting it in a book. Again, can change the posture and blend it slightly to make an angle with the book to offer focused light. For charging the device, the center strip of the light can be separately bent to insert in a USB port.

An important addition to the light is its clip facility. It’s a significant part that helps the light to be stuck to the book you are reading. You don’t have to hold it yourself. The clip can do the job for you.

Why We Picked It:

  • Researchable with a cordless design. Best for carrying around.
  • Small flat-bodied light that can be used as a bookmark too.
  • The body is flexible. Can completely flatten it or put it making an angle with the reading material.
  • Has a clip facility to hold it wherever you require.

7. DEWENWILS USB Rechargeable Book Reading Light

This is like a paper clip version of light. Its small body with a clipping function makes it more like a paper clip. You can easily clip it on the book that you are reading or any other place. But best is to clip it on the book. This helps in brightening up the surface for you to have clearer visibility.

If you think this is it for this light then you are wrong. This tiny light also has a bending capacity of 180o clockwise and 90o anti-clockwise including a straight 45o downward bending capability. You can adjust the angle yourself to adjust the illuminating surface you require for your book reading.

It is a battery-powered wireless light. It doesn’t require to be plugged in to illuminate but requires charge from time to time. Don’t hesitate to think about charging. It has a fast-charging capability. Just by charging 1.5 hours you can use it for consecutive 8 hours.

Keeping a light so close was supposed to hurt your eyes but not for this light. Its strain-free illuminating capability ensures you have a relaxing reading time. No problems with eye stress or pain. With the proper adjustment of the brightness, you can have a great time reading using this light.

Why We Picked It:

  • A clip-on system small-sized reading light. Can be clipped on books or other materials for better visibility.
  • The body can bend to certain angles for proper focusing.
  • Fast USB charging system. Can directly connect to a USB socket without any requirement of wires.
  • Has strain-free illumination with brightness adjustment facility.

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Final Words

Not all reading lights are worth using. Light is an important aspect that can have a huge impact on eye-straining. That’s why it is always important to choose a light that has the quality of being used for long hours. The one that will give a soothing experience of reading.

All the lights mentioned in this list of best reading lights for bed reviews are high standard maintaining. They are all worth the money that you will spend. But among all which one will you choose?

If I was to choose one among these, I would go for the Acegoo Bedside Reading Light. It stands out with its sophisticated look and functionality.

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