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Looking for the perfect door closure for a screen door is an easy and challenging task at the same time. Easy because not a lot of conditions have to be followed to find the right one, and challenging because even though there isn’t much to look at yet not all closures go with everyone’s door.

Depending on the door’s size, weight, frame, and location, the closures differ as well. So, it might be a bit tough to come to a decision while looking for the best screen door closure.

However, you don’t need to worry about that anymore as you’ve already clicked on this page. We made a list of the top ten screen door closures running hot in the market right now, and the list includes different closures fitting criteria of all screen doors out there.

Top 10 Screen Door Closer Reviews in 2022

In our top 10 selection, we picked both manual and automatic screen door closers. And even if we did not cover all five styles of interior door-closer, we left no top-seller behind. Let’s check them out and get the one you really need.

1. PRIME-LINE KC10HD Safety Spring Door Closer

PRIME-LINE KC10HD Safety Spring Door Closer comes with the perfect solution for the people who don’t have any experience of installing a spring door closer whatsoever, installing it is just that easy.

This screen door closer features a durable plastic side plate, tensioning rod to add the necessary amount of tension, and hole plugs in order to cover up the holes. It is the perfect piece your screen door must have; and that also with the advantage of the easy installation process, thanks to the surface-mounted slide plate.

Just adjust the tension by gradually turning it clock-wise, check while turning to make sure it’s not turned more than needed as extra tension always results in damaging the core spring. Hole plugs are included so that you can conceal the adjustment holes after acquiring the target tension.

The elegant-looking white closer is structured following non-handed design making it the perfect companion for any screen door weighing up to 150 lbs.

Why Did We Pick It?

  • Tensioning rod is featured for adjusting tension of the spring.
  • Non-handed design makes it the perfect closure for both right-handed and left-handed doors.
  • Plastic slide is surface-mounted to make installation process quick.

2. GREENSTAR Touch ‘n Hold Smooth – Heavy Duty Dual Door Closer System

Touch ‘n Hold Smooth – Dual Kit – Heavy Duty Door Closer System is here to make your life easier, as it comes equipped with technologies that you certainly wouldn’t expect but definitely need.

Instead of making painful effort to open or hold the door, you can just tap a button and get done with it. This closure features patented pneumatic system to keep the door open for as long as you want, just by tapping the button that comes with the system. It also functions to close the door smoothly and that too without bouncing.

This closure allows you to control both the closure tension and latching force. For acquiring target latching force, pinhole location has to be altered; and the closure tension can be adjusted by turning screws associated with tension pace.

Installation process is quick. Includes durable plastic bracket to protect your screen door from damage caused by wind. It’s a double kit item, so you get a substitute closure if it needs to be replaced.

Why Did We Pick It?

  • Introduces tap button operated by patented pneumatic system for holding the door open and a smooth closure.
  • Comes with the convenience of latching force and closure tension adjustment.
  • Features bracket to prevent damage.
  • Comes with a substitute closure.


Wright Products V920WH STANDARD DUTY PNEUMATIC CLOSER is here to help you with your comparably heavier door closure problem. This closure is particularly structured to use with screen doors made of vinyl, and the ones that are wooden or metal. You can use this closure with the storm doors as well.

Using the door closure literally feels like a breeze. It comes lubricated all the way from the factory so that you don’t have to put much effort while dealing with heavy doors. Complete 90-degree opening range of the closure adds to the convenience of opening a door regardless of its weight.

The privilege doesn’t just end there. You can also adjust the closing speed anytime you want. Yes, this closure is designed to provide you with the best opening and closing experience whether the door you’re dealing with is heavy or lightweight.

Why Did We Pick It?

  • The system works for heavier wooden and metal doors as well as lightweight screen doors.
  • Full 90 degree opening range adds to the convenience of door-opening.
  • Lubricated system allows for smooth operation.
  • Closing speed can be adjusted.

4. Onarway Adjustable Automatic Size 3 Spring Hydraulic Door Closer

If you happen to be the owner of a medium screen door and most screen door closures aren’t exactly the thing you’re looking for, Onarway Adjustable Automatic Size 3 Spring Hydraulic Door Closer might be the one for you. It goes with any type of medium door, as long as it weighs between 99lbs-132lbs. However, the door frame and door have to be on the same plain.

It’s constructed of commercial-grade aluminum alloy which ensures longevity making the closure free of rust, abrasion-resistant, and antioxiditative; this privilege adds to the door’s safety as well. The Hydraulic system makes the closing operation quiet and smooth; however, you must be aware that the closure automatically closes, you can’t keep the door open without using your hands. Door closing speed can be adjusted in two modes.

Works with both right and left-handed doors. The installation process is easy, can be easily done following the instructions that come with the system. Also features templates to eliminate the challenges of installation.

Why Did We Pick It?

  • Commercial grade aluminum alloy structure makes it durable and safe for the door.
  • Suitable for medium screen door.
  • The hydraulic system allows for sound-free, smooth closing.
  • The closing speed can be adjusted.

5. Dynasty Hardware 1614-DURO Grade 1 Door Closer

Dynasty Hardware 1614-DURO Grade 1 Door Closer introduces features that everyone surely would love to have in their door closure, and that includes you too.

This closure is structured with hydraulic system, includes standard back-check system so that you can conveniently close the door at your will. Two regular valves come with the closure that can be regulated to adjust latching and closing speed.

It’s engineered keeping everybody’s comfort and safety in mind. It’s one of the few door closures out there that’s ANSI coded, and abides by the UL regulations to prevent fire hazard. This closure is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) graded as well, meaning even the disabled people can operate it well enough as any abled person.

Since the closure is non-handed, it can be installed three ways: regular arm, parallel arm or top-jamb installation. The closure comes in four different sizes in order to fit doors of different weight.

Why Did We Pick It?

  • Fits ADA, UL and ANSI requirements making it more convenient and safer for all users.
  • Back-check system allows for comfortable opening.
  • Includes regular valves for adjusting closing and latching speed.
  • Non-handed design allows for three types of installation.

6. Dynasty Hardware 3000-ALUM Commercial Grade Door Closer

Dynasty Hardware 3000-ALUM Commercial Grade Door Closer happens to be another terrific piece from Dynasty that is definitely something you must have for your lightweight screen door if you want the best experience.

It comes with two valves for adjusting latching and closing speed, the package features Allen wrench to help you with that. Level 3 spring tension is added to the system which ensures convenient closure of doors.

The structure speaks excellent volume from every aspect. The compact body saves space during installation, yet provides with the same benefits as the larger hydraulic counterparts. Constructed with aluminum alloy shell and is ANSI graded.

Non-handed design makes the closure a perfect match for both right and left-handed doors. It can be installed in three ways: regular arm, parallel arm and top-jamb arm. The closure must be used with doors weighing up to 143lbs.

Why Did We Pick It?

  • Compact body saves space during installation, and non-handed design allows for several types of installation.
  • Two valves are included for latching and closing speed adjustment.
  • Comes with aluminum alloy shell and ANSI rated.
  • Includes level 3 spring tension.

7. FS-1306B Automatic Adjustable Mechanism Grade 3 Spring Hydraulic Auto Door Closer

FS-1306B Automatic Adjustable Mechanism Grade 3 Spring Hydraulic Auto Door-Closer is one of the best screen door closers out there both look-wise and quality-wise. The grade 3 spring tension feels amazing on the hands, and sleek black outlook never ceases to sooth the eyes. Perfect fit for any lightweight and medium door weighing up to 145lbs.

Features two valves to regulate catch closing speed and sweep motion speed. Durable aluminum body with matte black finish ensures durability. You don’t have to worry about the hydraulic system’s operating capability, it has been industrially tested and guaranteed to accomplish more than 500,000 cycles in its lifetime.

The closure is ADA compliant, meaning it can be used by anybody regardless of their ability, structured for regular arm installation only. Comes with fitting templates to help with the installation process.

Why Did We Pick It?

  • Hydraulic system operates with grade 3 spring and is capable of completing more than 500,000 cycles of opening and closing.
  • Two regulating verbs for adjusting sweep motion speed and catch closing speed.
  • Aluminum body makes it durable.
  • ADA compliant.
  • Features fitting template for closure mounting purpose.

8. Touch ‘n Hold Smooth Standard-Duty Door Closer with Touch-Button

Another tremendous Touch ‘n Hold Smooth Standard-Duty Door Closer for you, because one is certainly not enough to show how amazing of a choice these closers can be. Touch ‘n Hold Smooth Standard-Duty Door Closer also comes with promising features to ease up on the effort one has to put to keep a screen door open.

Yes, the specialty of this closure is holding ability, unlike most other screen door closures. Features patented pneumatic system that comes with a tap button which operates to keep the door open for a good amount of time, without needing to use a hand the whole time.

The tap button is also responsible for closing the door smoothly. This privilege is added so that your screen door doesn’t bounce shut roughly. For further protection, plastic brackets are included to stop damage of the screen door after getting shut by strong wind.

For adjusting latching force, the pinhole location has to be changed; and screws have to be turned in order to regulate closing speed.

Why Did We Pick It?

  • Patented pneumatic system introduces tap button that can hold the door open and gradually close it.
  • Latching force and closing speed can be adjusted.
  • Plastic brackets protect the door from damages caused by wind.

9. FORTSTRONG FS-1306 Automatic Adjustable Grade 3 Spring Hydraulic Auto Door-Closer

FS-1306 Automatic Adjustable Closers Grade 3 Spring Hydraulic Auto Door-Closer brings you the magic of Fortstrong Hardware Company in a sleek, zinc-coated aluminum attire. Made specifically for domestic use, industrially tested, and guaranteed to complete 500,000 cycles of opening/closing at least at its lifetime. Intended for areas not indulging with heavy traffic, and for doors weighing up to 145lbs.

Aluminum body ensures durability, while zinc coating takes care of longevity by making the system rustproof. Comes with regulating valves that are included for adjusting catch closing and sweep motion speed. You can acquire the most convenient pace for opening the door just by making an adjustment. The door automatically closes.

Regular arm installation method has to be followed for installing the closure. Fitting templates are provided with the package to help you with the mounting process.

Why Did We Pick It?

  • Zinc coated aluminum body ensures longevity and durability, industrially tested.
  • Valves allow for adjusting closing catch and motion.
  • Templates allow for easy installation.

 10. Andersen Storm Door Closer Kit in Sandtone Color

Andersen is a name that you can easily rely on for a satisfying experience with your door closure, especially the screen door closer. Engineered with currently popular technology to meet your modern need and this one comes in Sandtone color to complement your door décor.

You don’t have to put effort into holding the door open all the time with Andersen Storm door closer. It comes with a push-button to do the holding job for you.

Andersen Storm Door Closer Kit consists of door closer, which is the main item; door bracket to help fit the closure to the screen door; jamb bracket for installing the closure; and drill bit and screws for completing the whole closure mounting process. The most splendid thing about this kit is, you don’t have to be an installation expert to figure out the mounting process and make it work on your own. Anyone can do it.

Why Did We Pick It?

  • The push-up button allows for hands-free holding of the door.
  • The door closure kit includes everything needed for easy installation from mounting to operating.

How to Install a Screen Door Closer? [Video]


In this list, we included some of the best-reviewed screen door closures out there; and the features also speak for themselves. The purpose of making this list was to help you with your decision, and we hope you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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