Best Twin Over Full Bunk Beds with Stairs and Beautiful Design

Need the best bunk bed with stairs to fit your small room setting?

Buying a twin over full bunk bed would be the smartest choice you can make. It’s a space-efficient bed to provide more by taking less space.

Sharing a room won’t be a problem. You will have enough sleeping space without killing much of the room area.

Whether it’s for your guest room or your children’s room, you won’t find a better alternative to it. Anyone would say the best twin over full bunk bed with stairs is the ultimate choice for smart interior planning.

  1. Discovery World Furniture Twin Over Full Stair Stepper Bed
  2. Bedz King Stairway Bunk Beds Twin over Full with 4 Drawers in the Steps
  3. Furniture of America Perry Bunk Bed, Twin Over Twin
  4. Zinus Hani Metal Bunk Bed Twin over Full
  5. Max & Lily Bunk Bed, Twin/Full
  6. DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed with Metal Frame and Ladder
  7. Dorel Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk Bed
  8. Mission Twin Over Full Staircase Bunk Bed with 3 Drawers in Merlot Finish
  9. BOWERY HILL Twin Over Full Wood Bunk Bed with 2 Storage Drawers
  10. Your Zone premium twin-over-full bunk bed

10 Best Twin Over Full Bunk Beds for Home in 2022

This list of reviews will help you find the finest bunk beds on the market. I have handpicked each one to create this list of the top 10 best twin over full bunk beds with stairs.

1. Discovery World Furniture Twin Over Full Stair Stepper Bed with 3 Drawers

Bunk beds are the perfect space saver. They are built in such a way that they take as much less space as possible but offer more utilizing space. One such space-efficient bunk bed is this one from Discovery World Furniture.

This bed has a very unique structural design. Two of the beds are connected with a strategically built stairway. It’s not merely a medium for climbing up. It is far more than that. This has been designed to have drawers for you too. The spacious drawers can fit many of your necessary objects.

Not only that, but it also has hutch drawers to increase your storage space. You can store more with this larger form of drawers. Plus, you don’t have to give all your energy out to open and close them. These European-style gliding drawers slide like butter. It is a piece of cake for anyone to handle them.

You can let your kids use this bed without any tension regarding safety. This model of bunk bed is both ASTM and CFR certified. All the risk factors are eliminated in its design and all the safety measures are ensured.

You may worry about the assembling hassles for a bunk bed. But don’t have to for this one. Its super easy assembling technique won’t tire you up. It comes with all the necessary hardware and an instruction book for you to assemble it effortlessly.

Key Features

  • Consists of drawers with European glides on the side of the stairs. Can be utilized to store clothes or other items.
  • Has hutch drawers underneath the bed.
  • Maintains all safety standards and is ASTM and CFR certified.
  • It comes with all the essential hardware and an instruction book. Can be assembled easily.

2. Bedz King Stairway Bunk Beds Twin over Full with 4 Drawers in the Steps

A sturdy body is the first condition for a bunk bed. It gives the structure stability and capability of tackling maximum weight. This Bedz king twin over full bunk bed is such a good example of one strong-built bed.

Wood gives beds a finer finish and a complete look. It gives the bed more rigidity. This bunk bed is also made of wood. The fine quality Brazilian Pine is used for the construction of this bed. You can feel the difference in its quality and standard yourself once you see it in person.

Ladders are common in bunk beds. But the stairs are the best. This one has a stairway imitating actual stairs with a railing on both sides. It gives utmost protection while climbing on the upper bunk. Your kids can go up and down safely without any need for your supervision.

The best part about this bed is its large storing facility. Trust me you won’t even need an extra cupboard. Because you can store all your kids’ stuff in this bed’s own storage area. This includes 4 spacious built-in drawers right on the stairs without wasting any space.

Another cool inclusion in this bed is its twin trundle. It is very useful when you have guests over and no extra room to offer. You can simply pull out this ready bed drawer and use it anytime you require.

Key Features

  • Made of Brazilian Pine sturdy wood.
  • Has a built-in stair. Much safer to climb on the top bed.
  • The stairway includes spacious drawers to store the required objects.
  • Includes a twin trundle to provide extra bedding space.

3. Furniture of America Perry Bunk Bed, Twin Over Twin

Safety is a must for a bed like this. Bunk beds remain quite risky for their height. If you fall in your sleep from the upper bunk, you can hurt yourself. Thinking about all these aspects this bed has been strategically built. A sturdy body with proper safety measures makes the bed one of the best twin over full bunk beds.

The first thing that this bed ensured is the railing facility. No gap is given on any corner of the upper bunk. It is surrounded by a heavy wood railing. You and your kids, whoever uses the upper bed will be completely safe from falling. You can sleep in peace without having the tension of over rolling.

Its angled ladder is its specialty. The ladder is made of wood with wide wood treads. It is very strong to hold enough weight. The angled posture gives more balance to the climber to land safely on the top bunk.

Besides the sturdiness, wood construction gives the bed a classy look. It will be a compliment for your room setting. Its structure is a combination of both strength and aesthetics.

You do not have to take extra headaches of fixing the slats. This bed has ready-to-use slats already fixed for you. All you have to do is assemble it all in the right way and put your mattress on. No extra hassles.

Key Features

  • Has proper railing on all sides of the top bed to avoid accidents.
  • Consists of an angled ladder. Provides more balance while climbing up.
  • A strong body structure is ensured by sturdy wood and wood veneer composite.
  • Has a ready slat kit. No extra fixing is needed.

4. Zinus Hani Metal Bunk Bed Twin over Full

Now time for a metal bunk bed. This bunk bed is made of solid steel. Sleek body but heavy-duty construction ensures great tolerance capability. You may use the bed for your kids’ room or the guest room, it will fit anywhere. Its appearance and strength both favor its versatility.

Bunk beds are large-sized beds. Assembling them can be a huge deal. But if you are getting this bed, you should be completely tension free. This bed is strategically designed to have a quick assembling system. You can organize the whole thing in less than an hour. It sounds unbelievable but it’s true. Its quick-lock facility does the magic.

As the bed is made of steel, its ladder is also of the same construction material. Its angled ladder gains a sturdy structure due to its steel construction. It remains fixed from the upper bunk and rests on the floor. It has quite a different design than the normally angled ladders and thus ensures extra balance while climbing.

Safety is necessary no matter which bunk bed you use. But the safety issues mostly concern the upper bunk as it is placed at quite a high height. This bedding system also emphasizes this issue and ensures a strong railing facility on the top bed. The top bunk of this bed remains surrounded by a steel rod railing. Only a small section is kept free for entrance.

Key Features

  • Tough steel construction bunk bed. Strong and durable to last longer.
  • Quick-lock assembling system. Takes only an hour to arrange the whole bed.
  • Has a steel made angled ladder fixed to the upper bunk. Can support heavyweight.
  • The upper bunk is surrounded by steel rod rails ensuring proper safety.

5. Max & Lily Bunk Bed, Twin/Full

Bunk beds at times take up a lot of space by its staircase or ladder. A big section of the area beside the bed gets used up by it. But the scenario is different for this space-saving bunk bed. It takes as much small space as possible. You can place it in any corner of your room without struggling with space issues.

And this all is possible because of its tiny but effective ladder. Its ladder remains fixed on the beds without extending to the floor. The ladder attachment starts from the upper bunk and ends on the lower one. As it does not use the floor area alongside the bed, it saves a lot of space.

The comfort in climbing the bed lies in the type of ladder being used. This bed ensures it with all the small details that it includes. Its angled structured ladder has convenient hand holes curved in it which can provide you with a firm grip and balance. Besides its grooved steps are the best thing you can find in a bunk bed ladder for safe climbing.

Its slats are made of the strong wood. It is very strong in itself but the manufacturer did not limit it only to wood. This also includes a metal bar to increase support. For this unique arrangement, the beds get a weight holding capacity of 400 lb. per bed. With this high capacity, you can use the bed for kids or adults.

The best part about this bed is you can use each bed separately. When you don’t want a twin bunk bed in your room, you can transform it into two separate beds. Their structural design is such that you can detach them anytime you require.

Key features

  • Small ladder attached to the two beds. Saves a lot of space beside the bed.
  • The ladder has hand holes on it including grooved steps. Increases safety and comfort.
  • Slat made of sturdy pine wood also includes a metal bar to add more support.
  • Can be transformed into two separate beds if needed.

6. DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed with Metal Frame and Ladder with Space-Saving Design

This twin over full bed is fit for any type of bedroom you have. Small or big, kids’ or guest room or others, it will blend in perfectly. The main reason behind its adaptability is its simple sleek design. It is not heavy on the structure and has more openness. This gives the bed a modest look and is thus suitable for any bedroom.

It has a strong solid steel body. Made to last long and stand strong against a heavyweight. You can use the bed for a long time to come. Once you get the bed, you won’t need a change anytime soon.

Where normal beds have a single ladder, this one has a double ladder facility. You can climb the bed from both sides. So, no more of the kids’ fights on who will climb up first. A dual ladder system solves the problem.

Both the ladders remain attached to the bed instead of extending to the floor. This is a clever design to save more space. Generally, the ladders that extend up to the floor kills a lot of area near the bed and as a result, makes the room look smaller. Luckily this is not the case for this one.

Key Features

  • Simple sleek design. Suitable for any bedroom.
  • Made of strong solid steel. Suitable for long time use.
  • Has dual ladder system on both sides of the bed.
  • Ladder attached to the bed without landing to the floor. Saves a lot of space around the bed.

7. Dorel Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk Bed (Has Multiple Color Options)

This is another metal frame bunk bed made of solid steel. Solid steel constructed furniture has a strong body but light in weight. It is a huge plus point of using them. From adults to kids anybody can use them.

An interesting feature of this is that it has a dual ladder facility. You can use both the ladders based on the position you are keeping in your bed. You don’t have to sacrifice your decision of placing the bed on the desired corner of the room just for the ladder. The ladders are placed widthwise on each side of the bed. Choose your convenient position and use the ladder accordingly.

To give the highest safety, the upper bunk of this bed is totally surrounded by tough steel rod rails. No space is spared. All sides are guarded. So, no chance of any sort of accidents.

A wide difference has been maintained between the two beds. The upper bed is placed maintaining comparatively a bigger gap. This helps in gaining more openness on the lower bed.

Below the lower bed, a large space has been spared. You can use this space for storing your essentials. You will find them always close by your hand and right on the place without having to lose them. As the space is wide and large, you can fit a lot of your stuff altogether.

Key features

  • Steel made metal bunk bed. Can support more weight.
  • Two steel ladders on two sides of the bed.
  • The upper bed is guarded with steel rod rails. Ensures higher safety.
  • Has a wide gap between the two beds. Can stay comfortable on both without feeling suffocated.

8. Mission Twin Over Full Staircase Bunk Bed with 3 Drawers in Merlot Finish

Merely having a bed does not fulfill the purpose. Your bed must have the looks and strength besides offering the facility of resting comfortably. If the bed kills large space and your room décor, then you should know it’s a complete disaster. You need a bed like this one from Discovery world furniture. A bed having a combination of classy look, strength, and other important features.

This bunk bed is made of high quality ensured sturdy wood. It does not include any particleboards or MDF. Only the plantation grown furniture grade Pinewood is utilized for the total construction of this bed. This ensures a stronger structure with high durability. No chance of wearing off soon.

To complete the look, it has a Merlot Lacquer polish. Its glaze and texture are eye-catching. You can not be there beside the bed and not touch it for once. It is so tempting for its glossy finish. Such enhanced look works well for the decoration of the room

Safety is highly given priority in its design. The bed includes a stairway instead of ladders. Big treads of the stair are safe to get on the upper bunk without slipping a step. The side railings on the way add to the safety protocol.

The bed is designed without wasting a single space. It added all the sides of its body to serve a purpose. Even the spaces on the stairway are not left empty. This stairway space is utilized to make a useful storage area. It accommodates 4 drawers to store necessary commodities.

Key Features

  • Made of a high-quality solid wood body ensuring durability.
  • Has a Merlot Lacquer varnish. Gives a classy look enhancing the design.
  • Much safer to climb up without slipping.
  • Includes storage facilities on the stairway. Can store all necessary items on it.

9. BOWERY HILL Twin Over Full Wood Bunk Bed with 2 Storage Drawers

A low bunk bed like this one is a good choice that you can make. Such a bed consists of wide bed gaps. You won’t feel suffocated while lying on the lower one and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

You get an attached angled ladder on this bed. Taking a tiny space, the bed gives you a lot. You will be surprised to see how this large size bed fits on only a small part of your room despite having a large low bed. Any adult can fit comfortably in it without having any trouble.

Its transitional style design is its highlighting aspect. This has a very unique design that makes it stand out from all others. Its simplicity with a sophisticated color makes it suitable for any bedroom. You can keep it in any type of room. It won’t disturb the room’s vibe rather would add to it.

Though it has a very simple body structure, it doesn’t lack in providing extra facilities. The bed includes a storing facility underneath the low-lying bed. The 2 drawers are very spacious. You can use them to keep all your regularly used important items safe and close to you. Both of them have grooved handles to give you the ease of opening and closing them.

Lastly, as the bed is high above the ground, safety is important. That’s why its upper bunk includes circling wood rails. This will keep you safe from accidentally falling off the bed.

Key Features

  • Includes an angled ladder attached to the two beds securely.
  • Has an uncommon transitional style. Matches with any room setting.
  • Consists of two drawers under the full bed with dipped handles. Can be used for storing regularly used items.
  • Ensures proper safety by railing the upper bed.

10. Your Zone premium twin-over-full bunk metal bed

As you made it to the last one, you deserve something special. A bunk bed becomes a special one based on its strength, structure, unique features, and versatility. And this bunk bed has it all.

It is a steel-made bunk bed. Metal constructed bunk beds remain strong but easy to move. They have this portability feature. You can move the bed across the room just by pushing it. This eliminates the need of undoing the bed and them moving it. So, you can renovate your room whenever you need to.

The ladder of this bed remains attached to it. It doesn’t extend up to the floor. Thus, it does not take too much space. Its sturdy construction ensures your safety as you climb up. You don’t have to worry that it will snap in the middle. Its robust steel construction and solid attachments on both the beds give it rigidity.

One important feature of this bed is the gap between the upper and lower bed. The upper bed won’t be too close to you. When you use the lower bed, you won’t have the problem of feeling suffocated. It ensures openness for the lower bed user. It doesn’t mean that the upper bed is placed too high close to the ceiling. Both the beds are placed proportionately.

The upper bed also includes a proper railing system. No scope of falling or any accidents. You and your family will be secured using this bed.

Key Features

  • Steel bunk bed having a strong body.
  • Ladder attached to the beds starting from the upper one ending to the bottom.
  • Has wide space in between the two beds.
  • The upper bed is railed for increased safety.

DIY Built-In Twin Over Full Bunk Beds [Video]

Final Words

Two beds kept sidewise will give you space to sleep but will kill many areas of the room. It is smarter to utilize vertical space and keep the room more open. The lighter the room the better it is.

All the bunk beds mentioned in this list have a slim-fit structure to use lesser space. Any bed chosen from here will be the proper utilization of your room space.

However, every list consists of a highlight. And for this review list, the best twin over full bunk bed is Bedz King Stairway Bunk Beds Twin over Full with 4 Drawers in the Steps. For its outstanding features, this bed stands out from all other best bunk beds with stairs on our list.

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