How to Make Doormat at Home?

Do you have old cloth/carpet/blanket/towel lying around which no longer serve for their original purpose? Want to do something crafty but can’t get your head around something specific yet?

Don’t toss the leftover pieces in the garbage can; grab the threads, scissors, adhesives from the craft drawer; ‘cause have we got some splendid news for you!

You can easily make a doormat at home using these things!

And the fantastic part is, not in just one way! Here we discussed seven things that you should most likely to consider while DIY-ing a doormat.

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7 Steps Guide to Making Doormat at Home

  1. Sacks Make for a Decent Mat

Things you’ll need: A jute/nylon or any other kind of sack, scissors, threads and needle.

The big sack folded back in the gardening shed that you have no use for anymore, it’s time to remodel that as an effective doormat. Take the scissors and slice them up. Trim the edges to give your new mat a decent look.

  1. Trim the Piece

Things you’ll need: Carpet/rug/towel/blanket, measuring tape, pencil and scissors.

Sometimes not a lot is required to get the job done. You can just take a ditched piece of carpet/rug/towel/blanket and shape it in a certain way to use as a doormat. Decide what size and shape you want, and draw lines on the cloth surface according to that preferred shape/size using measuring tape. Trim across the drawn lines with scissors, and you’ve got yourself a new doormat!

  1. Lock the Thread

Things you’ll need: Carpet/rug/towel/blanket/sack, measuring tape, pencil, scissors, thread and needles.

While mats can easily be made just by trimming some old leftover piece of cloth, you can add a bit more to it to seal the deal… literally sealing the edges. In order to do so, you’ll need some threads and needles. Cotton threads to be more precise.

At first, fold the edges while still maintaining the shape of the soon-to-be mat. Then take the thread and needles and sew the edges following chain lock pattern to get them locked.

You can even give your mats some layer while at it. Make it a double layer mat and stuff the space between the layers with tiny scrap pieces of cloths; and then lock the edges by stitching. Your thick layered comfy mat is all done!

  1. Attach with Hot Glue

Things you’ll need: The doormat you stitched or about to make, hot glue gun, object that you want to glue onto the mat’s top surface.

Many times for the effective abrasiveness; sometimes for the clever outlook, you can always glue stuff to the doormat. Hot glue is recommended as an adhesive in this regard. Ruffles, plastic bits, disc-like pieces – add anything on the top following the trails of hot glue put before. Sometimes the adhesive is used for locking the edges as well.

  1. Use Stencils for Favorite Design

Things you’ll need: Fabric paint, brush, stencils.

We often want our doormats to reflect our personality through cute designs, or we add those designs to make ourselves feel nice. Well, since we’re going crafty here, designs are definitely not out of the equation. And the best thing about fabric designing is, the sky is the limit! You can explore your imagination to greater extents with fabric color and brushes, and some stencils too.

You can find the stencil of your preference from the store, or customize some; the choice is up to you. Place the stencil on the surface, and then paint over it to adorn the mat with your preferred design.

  1. Add Some Ruffles

Things You’ll Need: The piece of cloth that’s intended for a mat; glue (in case you want to glue the ruffles to the mat), woolen thread, something to roll the thread around, needle, pair of scissors.

There are so many different types of doormats out there; it’s hard to keep a count. However, in case of indoor mats, ruffles are pretty huge. And why shouldn’t they be? Apart from being abrasive enough to trap dry debris; they look nice, and feel nice. And it’s pretty easy to make the ruffles at home.

Roll the woolen thread around four fingers of your hand. After several rolls, take it out and tie a not in the middle. Snip the ends of the roll using scissors, and fluff, there’s a ruffle ball!

You can make ruffles following other ways as well. The main tactic is to make a big bundle by rolling the thread several times around something, and then after tying a knot somewhere which keeps the whole bundle together, you snip through somewhere that’s not attached to the knot. You can glue or stitch the ruffle to the top surface to make your doormat.

  1. Braid and Coil

Things you’ll need: Old piece of cloth, threads, needles, glue, sewing pins.

Grab an old piece of cloth, more than one actually. Take the scissors and part one piece of cloth into several slender pieces. Then braid the pieces together like those thick jetty ropes. Braid the pieces around a rod or something of the similar shape.

Make several braided pieces and join them together by stitching the ends. Now roll the braids in a coil while gluing or sewing the edges that are touching each other. Stack through some pins in the middle to assure that the coil won’t fall apart. Coil up the braids into a beautiful round doormat.

There are also several other tactics you can follow to make your own doormat at home; as we already mentioned before, the potentials are limitless as long as your visions are crafty. Open the window of mind, and start exploring!

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